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Polymer Emulsion Polymerisation

Polymer Emulsion Polymerisation

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  • In Emulsion why latex particle dont coagulate easily?

    Hydrophobic endgroups at surface of latex repell each other.

  • How many radicals are in each latex particle when assumed:1. radicals reach particles by diffusion 2. diffusion is rate limiting step.

    0.5 cause half of particles have odd number of radicals which recombine except one. And other half even number recombines all. (1+0)/2

  • What is a redox initiator?

    A system where reducing and oxidizing agent react to form radicals. reaction has a low activation energy, so can be utilized at low temp.

  • Name two redox initators.

    Peroxide as oxidizing agent and metal ion as reducing agent. ROOH + M2+ -> OH- RO* M3+. Transition metal carbonyl reacts with organic halides 𝑀+ 𝑅𝐻𝑎𝑙 → 𝑀+ 𝐻𝑎𝑙− 𝑅*

  • What have Emulsion and Suspension Polymerization in common.

    1. Medium water.

  • What are 4 main differences between Emulsion and Suspension polymerization.

    1. Size of droplets. 2. Type of Droplets. 3. Kind of Initiators 4. Emulsifier is used

  • Why is mechanical stirring needed for suspension polymerization.

    Because monomer not soluble in water to disperse them into droplets it is stirred.

  • What is the key characteristic of the initiator in Suspension Poly?

    It is hydrophobic so the reaction can take place in the monomer droplets.

  • What can be done against coagulation of monomer droplets in suspension polymerization?

    A disperser has to be added.

  • What is an emulsifier?

    A long chain with hydrophobic and hidrophilic end to create micells.

  • In Emulsion where does the reaction take place?

    In micells.

  • In Emulsion what is the necessary for the monomer?

    It has to be water soluble to go to the droplets.