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Polymer Anionic Polymerisation

Polymer Anionic Polymerisation

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  • what are 4 different states of polarization/ions?

    kovalent, polarization, ionization, dissaociation.

  • what happens towards higher ionization with reactivity for anionic poly?

    ions react stronger, cause easier bond broken.

  • how can equilibrium of ions be influenced (3) ?

    polarity of solvent, intermolecular ionic interaction, size of metallic counterion.

  • how is a living polymerization defined (2)?

    no internal/external terminations, no transfer reactions

  • what can be achieved with a living polymerization (2)?

    low polydisperisty index, controlled block-co-polymer structure

  • Name two initiators for anionic polymerization.

    Butyl lithium and sodium naphtalate

  • which position is stabilized for the anion in a pi system beside?

    the alpha position.

  • How is sodium naphtalene created?

    charge transfer reaction of Na and naphtalene.

  • How starts Na Naphtalene a reaction.

    2 Na naphtalene radical anions make charge transfer to styrene and then dimerization to form distyrol dianion.