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Polymer Electropolymerization

Polymer Electropolymerization

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  • How starts the anodic polymerization of EDOT?

    Apply high enough potential, then e- EDOT molecules goes to anode (EDOT oxidized) and a radical cation forms.

  • How can radical cations of EDOT react?

    When two of these radical cations come near, they can form a bond to build a dication.

  • How react dications of EDOT?

    Neutralization by removing two protons.

  • How are longer Chains of PEDOT created? And how can the size be monitored?

    Just keeping the high votage lets new oxidation happen. CV shows how large polymers are because Ox Potential is reduced for long chains.

  • Name 3 polymers that can be synthsized by Electropolymerization.

    Polypyrrole (with catalyst), PEDOT, PEDTT

  • What means PEDOT:PSS?

    Poly(3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene : polystyrenesulfonate)

  • What means PEDTT?