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Bio 116

Bio 116

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  • These vessels are important in exchange of substances between blood and the interstitial fluids


  • The PRIMARY route for substances entering or leaving a continuous capillary is

    diffusion and pinocytosis

  • The factor that has the greatest effect on vascular resistance is

    diameter of blood vessels

  • The two major factors affecting blood flow rates are

    pressure and resistance

  • The force that pushes water molecules out of a solution

    hydrostatic pressure

  • Primary bronchi supply air to the


  • The serous membrane in contact with the lung is the

    visceral pleura

  • Identify the physical principle that allows for pulmonary ventilation

    Boyle's law

  • Prevent backflow of blood intone capillary network ; keeps blood flowing one direction


  • The difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure

    pulse pressure

  • Produced by the adrenal gland; responds to "fight or flight" situations


  • Produced by the adrenal gland ; responds to low sodium ion levels and high potassium ion levels


  • Region shared by the digestive and respiratory systems


  • Lies posterior to the internal nares and superior to the soft palate;contains the pharyngeal tonsil


  • Lies between the hyoid bone to the superior portion of the esophagus


  • Ring of lymphatic tissue at the back of the mouth


  • Flap of shoe-horn shaped cartilage that folds down over and protects the opening of the larynx


  • Short passageway from the pharynx to the rest of the respiratory canal ; sound production occurs here


  • The laryngeal cartilages include

    Thyroid cartilage,cricoid cartilage,epiglottis

  • Windpipe;open tube located anterior to the esophagus


  • Respiratory bronchioles divide into

    Alveolar ducts

  • The functional unit of the lung