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  • Rule 1a

    These Rules shall apply to all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels.

  • With ref. to Rule 1b: "Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of special rules made by an appropriate authority for…"

    "...roadsteads, harbours, rivers, lakes or inland waterways connected with the high seas and navigable by seagoing vessels. "

  • Rule 1b: "operation of special rules made by an appropriate authority" shall…

    "conform as closely as possible to these Rules."

  • With ref. to Rule 1c: "Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of any special rules made by the Government of any State.."

    [sic] with respect to additional light, sound and shape signals (ships, stations) & they cannot be mistaken for any signals in these Rules

  • Rule 1d

    Traffic separation schemes may be adopted by the Organization for the purpose of these Rules.

  • With ref. Rule 1e: Whenever the Government [sic] shall have determined that a vessel of special construction or purpose

    [sic] cannot comply fully with lights, shape, sound signals in these Rules, shall comply as close as possible with these Rules