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AutoCAD Function Keys Uses

AutoCAD Function Keys Uses

Last update 

For learning what the function keys do in AutoCAD, quick access solution.

Items (12)

  • F1 does what?

    Opens software help dialog.

  • F2 does what?

    Switches between text windo and drawing space.

  • F3 does what?

    Turns running Object Snap on/off.

  • F4 does what?

    Turns running 3D Object Snap on/off.

  • F5 does what?

    Switches between top, left, and right Isoplanes.

  • F6 does what?

    Turns Dynamic UCS on/off.

  • F7 does what?

    Turns Grid Display on/off.

  • F8 does what?

    Turns Ortho Mode on/off.

  • F9 does what?

    Turns Snap Mode on/off.

  • F10 does what?

    Turns Polar Mode on/off.

  • F11 does what?

    Turns Object Snap Tracking on/off.

  • F12 does what?

    Turns Dynamic Input on/off.