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70-410 IP Adress

70-410 IP Adress

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70-410 IP Topics

Items (62)

  • The size of host and network IDs are ____.


  • Subnet Mask is used for what?

    Which part of the IPv4 address is considered NetworkID.

  • Subnet Mask slash notation is also known as what?

    Classless Interdomain Routing(CIDR) notation

  • Class A,B,C addresses:

    /8, /16, /24 subnet masks

  • Most subnet masks encountered are in what range?

    /16 to /28

  • List the binary 'succession' in addresses:


  • /1


  • /2


  • /3


  • /4


  • /5


  • /6


  • /7


  • /8


  • 2^7


  • 2^6


  • 2^5


  • 2^4


  • 2^3


  • 2^2


  • 2^1


  • How does a computer use its IP address to send a packet?

    Compares its address to destination address; if local, broadcasts to subnet. If not, sends packet to default gateway.

  • What must be true about a default gateway?

    Must share same network ID and be located w/in same broadcast domain as hosts it serves.

  • If a host has no default gateway?

    Can't connect to the internet or computers beyond broadcast range.

  • Organization that divides up IPv4 address space

    IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

  • Private Address Ranges to; to; to

  • What are private IPv4 addresses for?

    Hosts requiring IPv4 connectivity but do not need to be seen on public network.

  • Private addressed computers connect to Internet using what protocol?

    NAT (Network Address Translation)

  • What is an address block?

    Complete group of individual IP addresses that shares any single network ID

  • What is address space?

    Address block range(ie from <start> to <finish>)

  • All addresses w/in a block comprise what?

    A single network/single broadcast domain(if addresses AREN'T subnetted)

  • What is default gateway address?

    Address part of a block that acts as address on router

  • An address block by default is designed to serve what?

    A single subnet.

  • What is a subnet?

    Group of hosts w/in a single broadcast domain that share the same network ID and same default gateway.

  • Difference between network and subnet?

    Subnet - always refers to a single undivided broadcast domain. Network - can be a single subnet or group of interconnected subnets.

  • Larger subnet masks means what about size of the address block?

    Smaller address blocks(smaller # of hosts)

  • Host Capacity per block:

    Total # of hosts - 2; All zeroes(network address) and all ones (broadcast address)

  • To determine block size requirements:

    Determine number of computers/hosts; add 2 to that number. Choose subnet that accomodates that number.

  • How many hosts in /24?


  • How many hosts in /25?


  • How many hosts in /26?


  • How many hosts in /27?


  • How many hosts in /28?


  • How many hosts in /23?


  • How many hosts in /22?


  • How many hosts in /21?


  • How many hosts in /20?


  • How many hosts in /19?


  • How many hosts in /18?


  • How many hosts in /17?


  • How many hosts in /16?


  • Define subnetting.

    The practice of logically subdividing a network address space using an appropriate subnet mask. Allows creation of multiple broadcast domains w/in original network address space.

  • Advantages of subnetting

    Accommodate divided physical topologies; restricts broadcast traffic, improved security and simplified administration

  • What is a broadcast?

    network message sent from a single computer to all other devices on same physical network segment (very resource intensive)

  • Popular alternative to subnetting?

    VLANs (virtual LANs) - allows broadcast domains independent of physical topologies

  • Which part of your network ID are configurable?

    The bits after the subnet digits

  • When subnetting a network, you are in essence doing what?

    Taking space from the host ID and making it part of the network ID.

  • How do you tell the number of subnets created from subnetting?

    Calculate the difference between the external and internal subnet; take that number and exponentiate w/ base 2.

  • What does VLSM mean?

    Variable Length Subnet Masking - using multiple subnet masks internally

  • What is the main idea behind VLSM?

    dividing the network into subnets of varying size by using internal subnet mask #s greater than external subnet mask

  • What is the specific pattern of subnet IDs that must be used?

    subnet ID must consist of 1s with a single trailing 0

  • Purpose of trailing 0 in VLSM subnet IDs?

    Prevents address spaces in each subnet from overlapping.