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Death of a Salesman Vocabulary (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

Death of a Salesman Vocabulary (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

Last update 

Zionsville Community High School's AP Literature & Composition classes have to learn and memorize sets of tonal vocabulary for books that they read (in this case "Death of a Salesman") for tests every month or so.

Items (16)

  • Contemplative

    Studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue

  • Effusive

    Expressing feelings of gratitude, approval, or pleasure in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner

  • Forthright

    Directly frank without hesitation (frank = open, honest, candid)

  • Fanciful

    Using the imagination

  • Hostile

    Unfriendly, antagonistic

  • Hyperbolic

    With exaggeration, marked in its heavy overstatement

  • Indignant

    Marked by anger aroused by injustice

  • Insolent

    Rude or impolite; showing disregard for people

  • Irreverent

    Having or showing a lack of respect for something or someone that is usually treated with respect; satiric

  • Nostalgic

    Pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing you could experience it again

  • Patronizing

    With an air of condescension (see #8)

  • Remorseful

    Regretful; penitent; contrite

  • Self-Righteous

    Narrow-mindedly moralistic; Having or showing a strong belief that your beliefs and actions or opinions are right and other people's are wrong

  • Sanguineous

    Optimistic and cheerful

  • Taunting

    Sarcastically challenging or insulting

  • Whimsical

    Odd, strange, fantastic; fun