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Items (36)

  • to break up

    to end a romantic relationship

  • to drift apart from sb

    to become less close to someone

  • to enjoy someone’s company

    to like spending time with someone

  • to fall for

    to fall in love

  • to fall head over heels in love

    to start to love someone a lot

  • to fall out with

    to have a disagreement and stop being friends

  • to get on like a house on fire

    to like someone’s company very much indeed

  • to get on well with

    to understand someone and enjoy similar interests

  • to get to know

    to begin to know someone

  • my friendships go back years to when we were at school.

    to have known someone for a long time

  • (we) have a lot in common

    to share similar interests

  • to have ups and downs

    to have good and bad times

  • (have ) a healthy relationship with

    a good, positive relationship

  • (we) hit it off

    to quickly become good friends with

  • to be in a relationship

    to be romantically involved with someone

  • to be just good friends

    to not be romantically involved

  • to keep in touch with

    to keep in contact with

  • to lose touch with

    to not see or hear from someone any longer

  • (it was) love at first sight

    to fall in love immediately you meet someone

  • to pop the question

    to ask someone to marry you

  • to see eye to eye on sth

    to agree on a subject

  • to settle down

    to give up the single life and start a family

  • to strike up a relationship

    to begin a friendship

  • to tie the knot

    to get married

  • (we are) well matched

    to be similar to

  • to work at a relationship

    to try to maintain a positive relationship with someone

  • disabled children

    trẻ khuyết tật

  • Morden-day problem

    vấn đề ngày nay

  • uneducated people


  • vast majority

    huge number of

  • to be in possession of sth

    have sth

  • more

    much more

  • accomplishment


  • place too much emphasis


  • it is undoubtly true that

    It is true that

  • Cavemen

    ancient people