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Japanese Dates & Times Pt. 1

Japanese Dates & Times Pt. 1

Last update 

Covers expressions relating to time and date. First part deals with expressions of time and relative terms (i.e. tomorrow, next week, every month, later, etc.)

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Items (34)

  • Today

    今日 (きょう)

  • Tomorrow

    明日 (あした)

  • Yesterday

    昨日 (きのう)

  • The day before yesterday


  • the day after tomorrow


  • this week

    今週 (こんしゅう)

  • next week

    来週 (らいしゅう)

  • last week

    先週 (せんしゅう)

  • the week after next

    再来週 (さらいしゅう)

  • the week before last

    先々週 (せんせんしゅう)

  • this year

    今年 (ことし)

  • next year

    来年 (らいねん)

  • last year

    去年 (きょねん)

  • the year before last


  • the year after next

    再来年 (さらいねん)

  • this month

    今月 (こんつき)

  • next month

    来月 (らいげつ)

  • last month

    先月 (せんげつ)

  • the month after next

    再来月 (さらいげつ)

  • the month before last

    二か月前 (にかげつまえ)

  • this morning

    今朝 (けさ)

  • tonight

    今晩 (こんばん)

  • everyday

    毎日 (まいにち)

  • every morning

    毎朝 (まいあさ)

  • every night

    毎晩 (まいばん)

  • every week

    毎週 (まいしゅう)

  • every month

    毎月 (まいげつ)

  • every year

    毎年 (巻いねん)

  • near future


  • morning

    朝 (あさ)

  • noon (12 o'clock)

    午 (ご)

  • night

    夜 (よる)

  • now

    今 (いま)

  • later

    後で (あとで)