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  • abase

    to humiliate, to degrade~~ Though Brutus, a twice-held-back bully, tried his best to verbally abase Travis and the kids he played with, nothing he said seemed to matter to any of them.

  • abate

    to reduce or to lessen~~ The rain poured down like a broken dike for a long while; then, as the clouds began to move on, it slowly abated.

  • abdicate

    to give up a position, usually one of great power or authority~~ When King John realized that his enemies would ultimately win, he abdicated his throne and hid himself away.

  • abduct

    to kidnap, take by force~~ During their holy festival, the king’s ancient enemies abducted the beautiful Princess Kristiana from her castle chamber.

  • aberration

    something that differs from what’s normal~~ The doctor’s ill-tempered behavior was thought to be nothing more than an aberration, that is, until it continued for a full calendar year.

  • abet

    to aid, assist, encourage~~ The spy escaped only because he had a secret friend on the inside to aid and abet his efforts.

  • abhor

    to hate, detest~~ Because he wound up tripping himself constantly when he tried to play touch football, Ray began to abhor his favorite sport.

  • abide

    to put up with; b. (v.) to remain~~ a. Normally, Chuck would never abide such conduct; but, decided to this time because of the strain the girls have been under recently.

  • abject

    wretched, pitiful~~ After losing all her money, Martha fell into abject poverty, having nothing left of value.

  • abjure

    to reject, renounce~~ To prove his honesty, the President abjured the evil policies of his wicked predecessor.

  • abnegation

    denial of comfort to oneself~~ The zealot slept only on the floor, took only cold showers, and followed religiously many other practices of abnegation and self denial.

  • abort

    to give up on a half-finished project or effort~~ After they ran out of food, the men, attempting to jog around the country, had to abort their task and go home.

  • abridge

    to cut down, shorten; b. (adj.) shortened~~ a. The publisher thought the new compendium was much too long and abridged it.

  • abrogate

    to abolish, usually by authority~~ The Constitution assures that the United States government cannot abrogate our rights.

  • abscond

    to sneak away and hide~~ In the confusion, James Bond absconded into the night with the top secret codes.

  • absolution

    freedom from blame, guilt, sin~~ Once all the real facts were in, the prudent jury granted Mr. Clydette complete and total absolution, rendering a verdict of not guilty.

  • abstain

    to freely choose not to commit an action~~ Everyone demanded Angus to put on the kilt, but he did not want to, so he abstained.

  • abstruse

    hard to comprehend~~ Everyone else in the classroom understood geometry and algebra with ease, but poor John found the entire subject most abstruse.

  • accede

    to agree~~ Surprisingly, the coach acceded to the players’ request to miss practice to go to a party.

  • accentuate

    to stress, highlight~~ Motivational speakers all agree that success in life means accentuating the positives while learning from then dismissing the negatives.

  • accessible

    obtainable, reachable~~ After studying from Vocabulary Power with Connotative Precision and getting a great score on his SAT, Kayden realized that his greatest academic goal was then accessible.

  • acclaim

    high praise~~ Greg’s excellent short story won great acclaim from the literary community.

  • accolade

    high praise, special distinction~~ Everyone offered accolades to Samson after he defeated his enemies in battle.

  • accommodating

    helpful, obliging, polite~~ Though the apartment was not big enough for everyone to be comfortable, the good friends were very considerate and accommodating to each other.

  • accord

    an agreement~~ After months of negotiating, the former enemies struck an accord that benefitted them both.

  • accost

    to confront verbally~~ Though Alecia was normally quite verbose and aggressive, when the clumsy waiter spilled soup on her for the third time, she didn’t accost him in the least.

  • accretion

    slow growth in size or amount~~ Giant stalactites are formed in the roofs of caves and caverns by the accretion of dripping mineral-laden water.

  • acerbic

    biting, bitter in tone or taste~~ Jack became intensely acerbic and began to cruelly and vindictively make fun of all his buddies.

  • acquiesce

    to agree without protesting~~ Though Mr. Cold wanted to stay inside and work in his office, he acquiesced to his wife’s demands to “Come on out and eat it while it’s hot!”

  • acrimony

    bitterness, discord~~ Acrimony enveloped the friendship of Lisdanay and Terri after they both fell for Alvin.

  • acumen

    keen insight~~ Because of her linguistic acumen, Lois the Loquacious was able to create in minutes manners of expression that took other students many hours.

  • acute

    sharp, severe; b. (adj.) having keen insight~~ a.) Adam could not walk because the pain in his left foot was so acute.

  • adamant

    impervious, immovable, unyielding~~ Though public pressure was intense, and the across-the-isle foes relentless, Obama remained adamant about his latest proposal.

  • adept

    extremely skilled~~ Tarzan was very adept at jumping from tree to tree just like Cheetah, his pet Chimp.

  • adhere

    to stick to something; b. (n.) to follow devoutly~~ a.) We adhered to our plan; for, desperation had set in, robbing us of our waywardness.

  • admonish

    to caution, criticize, reprove~~ Joe’s mother admonished him not to ruin his appetite by eating dessert before dinner.

  • adorn

    to decorate~~ We adorned the tree with many colorful ornaments: ribbons, bows, and bells.

  • adroit

    skillful, dexterous~~ The adroit card shark could deal easily from the bottom of the deck with no one noticing, not even when they expected what was happening.

  • adulation

    extreme praise~~ Though the play was excellent, Martin didn’t think it deserved the overwhelming adulation it received from its writers.

  • adumbrate

    to sketch out in a vague way~~ The coach adumbrated his game plan; none of the players were ready for its unorthodox twists and turns.

  • adverse

    antagonistic, unfavorable, dangerous~~ Because of adverse conditions, the novice hikers decided to give up trying to climb the mountain.

  • advocate

    to argue in favor of; b. (n.) a person who argues in favor~~ a.) Alvin advocated turning left at the stop sign, even though everyone else thought they should turn right.

  • aerial

    somehow related to the air~~ We watched as the F-15 fighters conducted ultra sophisticated aerial acrobatics.

  • aesthetic

    artistic, related to one’s sense of beauty~~ We hired Susan, an interior decorator, because she had a wonderful sense of aesthetics.

  • affable

    friendly, amiable~~ Everyone likes to be around Jorge because he is so affable and kind-hearted.

  • affinity

    a spontaneous feeling of closeness~~ Jerry didn’t know why, but he felt an incredible affinity toward Karen, his new friend.

  • affluent

    rich, wealthy~~ Mrs. Gregory was affluent, owning a huge house, a yacht, and a small Pacific island.

  • affront

    an insult~~ Albert was very touchy, and took any slight word as a major affront to his supposed honor and dignity.

  • aggrandize

    to increase or make greater~~ Joseph always mentioned the nicknames of his famous friends as a way to aggrandize his personal standing and reputation.

  • aggregate

    a whole or total; b. (v.) to gather into a mass~~ a.) The three branches of the U.S. Government form an aggregate that's much more powerful than any of its individual parts.

  • aggrieved

    distressed, wronged, injured~~ The self-important, officious foreman overworked his aggrieved employees as soon as his promotion was final.

  • agile

    quick, nimble~~ The old grey hounds were far too slow to catch the agile young vixens.

  • agnostic

    doubting the existence of God~~ Joey’s parents are very religious, but he is agnostic, searching for greater proof.

  • agriculture

    farming~~ It was a huge step in the progress of civilization when tribesmen turned to agriculture and started to grow their own food.

  • aisle

    a passageway between rows of seats~~ Once the bride got inside the auditorium, she moon-walked down the aisle to the beat of Billie Jean.

  • alacrity

    eagerness, speed~~ When Kevin’s dad asked him to cut the grass, he did it with great alacrity; because, the new girl next door was standing outside watching.

  • alias

    a false name or identity~~ Samuel tried to sneak into a frat party, using an alias and a fake ID.

  • allay

    to soothe, ease , put to rest~~ The police chief gave a fiery speech to try to allay the fears of his officers when they learned of the escape of the city’s worst nemesis ever.

  • allege

    to assert, usually without proof~~ The detective alleged that Carl was the perpetrator; however, after the investigation turned up no evidence, Carl was set free.

  • alleviate

    to relieve, make more bearable~~ This information will alleviate the fears of the soldiers, but only for a while.

  • allocate

    to distribute, set aside~~ The president allocated 25 percent of the nation’s budget to improve the school system.

  • aloof

    reserved, distant~~ The brilliant scientist seemed so aloof, when he was preoccupied with astronomical equations.

  • altercation

    a dispute, fight~~ Jack and Jill blamed everybody but themselves for the altercation they had on the hill.

  • amalgamate

    to bring together, unite~~ Because of her great charisma, the mayoral candidate was able to amalgamate all of the city officials into a formidable campaign committee.

  • ambiguous

    uncertain, variably interpretable~~ Dr. Jones’s answer to the question was much too ambiguous to satisfy his critics.

  • ambivalent

    having opposing feelings~~ My feelings for my X are truly ambivalent; love and hate in tandem dominate my heart.

  • ameliorate

    to improve~~ The tension and mistrust in the air was ameliorated when the CEO announced that the bonus was going to be divided evenly.

  • amenable

    willing, compliant~~ My teacher was amenable to the idea that his best students should be honored at the assembly.

  • amenity

    an item that increases comfort~~ Oprah’s guest house is decked with a multitude of amenities - gadgets and toys galore.

  • amiable

    friendly~~ An amiable chap, Herbert Billingsworth got along smashingly with everyone he met.

  • amicable

    friendly~~ Connie wanted an amiable separation; but, her violent boyfriend, Brutus, refused to be amicable.

  • amorous

    showing love, particularly affectionate~~ Ray saw Pam wearing her slinky red dress; his amorous heart began to palpitate out of control.

  • amorphous

    without a fixed or definitive shape or type~~ The amorphous nature of gases causes them to be the unparalleled paragons of shape-shifters.

  • anachronistic

    out of its proper time~~ Dinosaurs in downtown West Palm Beach would certainly constitute a monumental anachronistic event.

  • analgesic

    something that reduces pain~~ The injured athlete cried for his analgesic, saying, “The pain is unbearable. Stop it! Stop it!”

  • analogous

    similar to, so that an analogy can be drawn~~ Though they are not the same shape, the structure of a rectangle is analogous angle-wise to that of a square.

  • anarchist

    one who opposes and wants to eliminate all forms of government and law~~ True to the nature of every anarchist, Boris challenged the existence of every kind of government on the planet.

  • anathema

    something cursed, a detestable person~~ “I never want to see that murderer. He is anathema to me -- cursed forever, he is!” exclaimed the unforgiving widow.

  • anecdote

    a short, humorous account~~ Billy’s quaint Southern anecdote had his sophisticated hostess rolling on the floor, breathless and teary-eyed.

  • anesthesia

    a substance that causes loss of sensation~~ When the pain became unbearable, the nurse administered a stronger anesthesia to the operating site.

  • anguish

    extreme sadness, torment~~ Beatrice went through awful anguish when she was first confronted with the truth of her condition.

  • animated

    lively~~ Today’s animated cartoons are the most life-like ever, touching all modern situations with virtual perfection.

  • annex

    to incorporate a space; b. (n.) a space attached to a larger space~~ a.) After lengthy debate and compromise, the United States annexed Alaska, making it our largest state.

  • annul

    to make void or invalid~~ Annulling a bad law becomes an easy chore once the majority of the population recognizes it as hurtful to the innocent.

  • anomaly

    something that does not fit into the normal order~~ “Such a spatial anomaly could account for these so-called ripples in time,” said Mr. Spock to his noble and heroic captain.

  • anonymous

    being unknown, unrecognized~~ Mary received a love poem from a somewhat anonymous admirer, her romantically minded hubby.

  • antagonism

    hostility~~ Spiderman’s greatest and most bizarre nemesis, Doctor Octopus, provided such antagonism that the superhero was pushed to his limits time and again.

  • antecedent

    something that came before~~ Many of the great traditions of Western culture had their antecedent birth in the culture of Ancient Greece.

  • antediluvian

    ancient; before Noah’s flood~~ The antediluvian society of Babel vanished without a trace thanks to the incredible force and pressure of the great flood!

  • anthology

    a selected collection of writings, songs, etc.~~ The new anthology of Smokey Robinson songs is now available at a store near you!

  • antipathy

    a strong dislike, repugnance~~ My antipathy grows for Helen each time I remember her terrible, mean-spirited words to me.

  • antiquated

    old, out of date~~ Calculators have quickly become antiquated tools, just like the typewriter that my parents used.

  • antiseptic

    clean, sterile~~ The antiseptic gauze kept Bob’s wound clean and germ-free until the doctor could see him.

  • antithesis

    the absolute opposite~~ Cold, hard hatred is the antithesis of warm, soft adoration.

  • anxiety

    intense uneasiness~~ Because final test scores would be posted at 5:05 p.m., every student’s anxiety level peaked around 5:04.

  • apathetic

    lacking concern, non-emotional~~ Disinterested in academics, Kerry was totally apathetic about the causes of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

  • apocryphal

    probably fictitious, probably false or wrong~~ Some of the tales of monsters and demons may easily be true; albeit, many of them are apocryphal at best.

  • appalling

    inspiring shock, horror, disgust~~ The jury thought the defendant’s account was cold-hearted; thus, they were deeply appalled and found him guilty as charged.