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  • chronological

    arranged in order of time~~ Drawing timelines is the best way to place events in chronological order.

  • circuitous

    roundabout~~ The politician gave very confusing and circuitous answers to every question.

  • circumscribed

    marked off, bounded~~ The circumscribed area of the football field was drawn with stripes and yardage numbers.

  • circumspect

    cautious; aware of what’s around you~~ Circumspect people always look at situations from all directions.

  • circumvent

    to go around an established route or authority~~ To circumvent the teacher’s no-talk rule, the students pretended to clear their throats constantly.

  • clairvoyant

    able to perceive things that normal people cannot~~ My mother’s incredible ability to see my true intentions was nothing short of clairvoyant.

  • clamor

    loud noise; b. (v.)to loudly insist~~ a.) Every night our upstairs neighbors made such a clamor that the police would have to be called.

  • clandestine

    secret~~ A clandestine rendezvous was planned by the two secret agents.

  • cleave

    to divide into parts; b. (v.) to stick together firmly a.) Mr. Jones cleaved the wood blocks into kindling in no time at all.~~ Every married couple must learn to cleave to one another through thick and thin.

  • clemency

    mercy~~ After his fifth speeding ticket in a year, Mark could only beg the judge for clemency.

  • clergy

    members of Christian holy orders~~ Some members of the clergy pray in the wee hours of the morning while others sleep.

  • cloying

    sickeningly sweet~~ Excessive praise of anyone can become cloying, making the recipient nauseous.

  • coagulate

    to thicken, clot~~ The blood finally began to coagulate, after a full hour of intense preesure.

  • coalesce

    to fuse into a whole~~ After several months of therapy, the images in Tom's vision began to coalesce once again on his conscious mind.

  • cobbler

    a person who makes or repairs shoes~~ Most cobblers make shoes out of the finest materials possible.

  • coerce

    to make somebody do something by force or threat~~ The defense team charged the prosecutors with trying to coerce witnesses into lying.

  • cogent

    intellectually convincing~~ Kimberly’s position was expressed so cogently, I was forced to agree with her.

  • cognizant

    aware, mindful~~ Being fully cognizant of all the rules, the misguided teen still slipped out of his room after midnight.

  • coherent

    logically consistent, intelligible~~ The victim was hardly coherent; thus, the officers had to delay their questioning.

  • collateral

    secondary ; b. (n.) security for a debt~~ a.) During every military conflict, wise leaders always attempt to minimize the collateral damage.

  • colloquial

    characteristic of informal conversation~~ I ain't got none is a colloquial expression that means I don't have any.

  • collusion

    secret agreement, conspiracy~~ Some gamblers work in collusion to cheat naive players out of their hard earned cash.

  • colossus

    a gigantic statue or thing~~ In ancient Corinth a colossus of Athena stood tall, testifying of a time long ago.

  • combustion

    the act or process of burning~~ Combustion engines must have fuel that will ignite and burn with the least spark.

  • commendation

    a notice of approval or recognition~~ Jason received commendations from his squad leader for an uncommon act of bravery.

  • commensurate

    corresponding in size or amount~~ Usually starting salaries are commensurate with a person's level of experience.

  • commodious

    roomy~~ The hotel rooms at the Horizon were both commodious and lavishly decorated.

  • compelling

    forceful, demanding attention~~ His description of that lush vale was so compelling, I had to see it, at least once.

  • compensate

    to make an appropriate payment for something~~ Because they were to be compensated every two weeks for their labor, the Bordon's arranged their financial affairs accordingly.

  • complacency

    self-satisfied ignorance of danger~~ Due to his chronic complacency, Aaron just sat there, knowing his test was coming, and prepared not at all.

  • complement

    to complete, make perfect or whole~~ That picturesque cover page really complements the contents of your book, Henry.

  • compliant

    ready to adapt oneself to another’s wishes~~ New employees feel this overwhelming need to be compliant with every request made of them, even if it's nonsensical.

  • complicit

    being an accomplice in a wrongful act~~ By keeping the theft secret, Madison became complicit in it, and was thus charged.

  • compliment

    an expression of esteem or approval~~ I always compliment young people when they put forth good effort, despite the outcome.

  • compound

    to combine parts ; b. (n.) a combination of different parts c. (n.) a walled area containing a group of buildings~~ a.) The protestors compounded their offense by hurling stones at the police.

  • comprehensive

    including everything~~ My accountant did a comprehensive assessment of my finances and found that my spending had to be curtailed.

  • compress

    to apply pressure, squeeze together.~~ The nurse compressed the area of the wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

  • compunction

    distress caused by feeling guilty~~ Kerry felt great compunction for the insensitivity he showed to his young employee.

  • concede

    to accept as valid~~ Benjamin had to ultimately concede that the new rules were indeed necessary.

  • conciliatory

    friendly, agreeable~~ Buying flowers for his angry bride was a wise and conciliatory gesture on Paul's part.

  • concise

    brief and direct in expression~~ Rules should be pronounced in concise statements of protocol, with nothing left to assume.

  • concoct

    to fabricate, make up~~ She concocted the most vile potion imaginable to prank her bratty little brother.

  • concomitant

    accompanying in a subordinate fashion~~ Jealousy, with its concomitant ill will, will never have a proper place in a true friendship.

  • concord

    harmonious agreement~~ After numerous sessions with the counselor, the embattled couple finally enjoyed the concord that wedded bliss can bring.

  • condolence

    an expression of sympathy in sorrow~~ Brad offered his condolences to his best friend on the loss of his great-grandmother.

  • condone

    to pardon, deliberately overlook~~ Fred felt so guilty for condoning his buddy's mistreatment of his wife.

  • conduit

    a pipe or channel through which something passes~~ The water flowed through the conduit into the nearby canal.

  • confection

    a sweet, fancy food~~ "Confections are my downfall," complained the struggling dieter.

  • confidant

    a person entrusted with secrets~~ A spouse should be a person's best and dearest confidant, knowing and sharing in their deepest secrets.

  • conflagration

    great fire~~ The great conflagration consumed the entire city of San Francisco in.

  • confluence

    a gathering together~~ A confluence of all three rivers met to form the incredible ocean of water that you see.

  • conformist

    one who behaves the same as others~~ Because of their conformist mentality, the small country chose not to go to war with the invaders.

  • confound

    to frustrate, confuse~~ Jack the Ripper confounded the police with his here-today, gone-today antics.

  • congeal

    to thicken into a solid~~ The sauce had congealed into a thick paste, before it could be used as a topping.

  • congenial

    pleasantly agreeable~~ His congenial smile bespoke his kind heart, so everyone loved him.

  • congregation

    a gathering of people, especially for religious services~~ The pastor told his congregation to read I Corinthians chapter 13 for that week's bible study.

  • congruity

    the quality of being in agreement~~ The talks produced a perfect congruity of opinions among the diplomats.

  • connive

    to plot, scheme~~ Josephine connived her way into the heart of the boss, intent on wielding influence.

  • consecrate

    to dedicate something to a holy purpose~~ Albert chose to consecrated his great abilities to the cause of his Lord.

  • consensus

    an agreement of opinion~~ The committee was able to reach a consensus on what the spending priorities should be.

  • consign

    to give something over to another’s care~~ Billy consigned all of his baseball cards to the Sports Authority Trading Center.

  • consolation

    an act of comforting~~ Alton’s attempt at consolation toward his bereaved friend was taken as an act of supreme brotherhood.

  • consonant

    in harmony~~ The musicians' tunes were consonant and extraordinarily beautiful.

  • constituent

    an essential part~~ The most important constituents of her homemade brew was collard juice and green onions.

  • constrain

    o forcibly restrict~~ I'm constrained by my belief in peace to simply walk away from an opportunity to battle.

  • construe

    to interpret~~ Paul attempted to construe the letter from John as an attempt to sway the judgment of the council.

  • consummate

    to complete a deal or ceremony~~ The happy couple planned to consummate their relationship on the Isle of Manville Rey.

  • consumption

    the act of consuming~~ Consumption of any intoxicating beverages is permitted only after duty hours.

  • contentious

    having a tendency to quarrel or dispute~~ Greg’s contentious personality made him prone to get into fights with anyone and everyone.

  • contravene

    to contradict, oppose, violate~~ Candice contravened her husband's instructions to the children, thus confusing them.

  • contrite

    penitent, eager to be forgiven~~ Bobby’s contrite heart caused him to finally see the damage he'd caused to his teammates.

  • contusion

    bruise, injury~~ Due to his motorcycle accident, Charles had contusions all over his body.

  • conundrum

    puzzle, problem~~ The thunderstorm and the deadline in tandem created a conundrum for the hikers.

  • convene

    to call together~~ The council convened to discuss all of the requests for increased funding.

  • convention

    an assembly of people; b. (n.) a rule, custom~~ a.) The convention will be in town this weekend, taking up all of the hotel space. b.) The washing of feet is a convention of ancient Eastern culture.

  • convivial

    characterized by feasting, drinking, merriment~~ The convivial atmosphere at the family reunion was so great that even the food had a festive taste.

  • convoluted

    intricate, complicated~~ The witness's story was so convoluted that no one believed it, not even those who needed his testimony.

  • copious

    profuse, abundant~~ Copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables were loaded aboard the transfer trucks bound for Alabama.

  • cordial

    warm, affectionate~~ Her cordial invitation was received eagerly, and it was responded to the same.

  • coronation

    the act of crowning~~ The queen’s coronation ball was the hardest ticket in town.

  • corpulence

    xtreme fatness~~ Because the chefs in our group were so skilled, corpulence became a real concern.

  • corroborate

    to support with evidence~~ Several witnesses corroborated his story; so the detective released him.

  • corrosive

    having the tendency to erode or eat away~~ Acid and metals seldom go together because of the corrosive character of the former.

  • cosmopolitan

    sophisticated, worldly~~ The lady I met at the banquet was a bit cosmopolitan for a country boy like me.

  • counteract

    to neutralize, make ineffective~~ Anti-venom was given to the snakebite victim to counteract the rattler’s poison.

  • coup

    a brilliant, unexpected act ; b. (n.) the overthrow of a government and assumption of authority~~ a.) Carlos, our local chess master, performed a coup that trapped his opponent's king in twelve moves.

  • covert

    secretly engaged in~~ The CIA's covert operations in the Middle East are as invisible as clean air.

  • credulity

    readiness to believe~~ Ted's credulity made him and his all-too naive cousin really easy victims

  • crescendo

    a steady increase in intensity or volume~~ The crescendo of the bass drum started to sound like the heartbeat of an angry giant.

  • criteria

    standards by which something is judged~~ Seldom do entering freshman meet the criteria set for leadership on the council.

  • culmination

    the climax toward which something progresses~~ The culmination of all our efforts, we hope, will be the installing of a person we can all respect and admire.

  • culpable

    deserving blame~~ The driver was found to be just as culpable as the shooter; thus, they both will be locked up for quite some time.

  • cultivate

    to nurture, improve, refine~~ A true politician learns early on to cultivate many friendships and to do many favors.

  • cumulative

    increasing, building upon itself~~ The cumulative effect of days upon days of heavy rains was a river that raged beyond its borders.

  • cunning

    sly, clever at being deceitful~~ Every cat burglar must be as cunning and as quiet as his name suggests.

  • cupidity

    greed, strong desire~~ His cupidity made him enter the lotto, using every cent of his grocery money.

  • cursory

    brief, to the point of being superficial and inadequate~~ Giving cursory attention to important matters will, at some point, bring problems.

  • curt

    abruptly and rudely short~~ Edgar's curt reply to Sharon's question made me believe there was trouble in paradise.

  • curtail

    to lessen, reduce~~ Since breaking his leg at the tournament, Bill has had to curtail his riding classes.