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D words with usage

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  • daunting

    intimidating, causing one to lose courage~~ After a month, Kevin found cutting his grass and his sick neighbor's a daunting task.

  • dearth

    a lack, scarcity~~ Because of the dearth of arable land in the valley, mostly farmers chose to relocate.

  • debacle

    a disastrous failure, disruption~~ After his latest debacle, wonder boy has taken a much less conspicuous posture.

  • debase

    to lower the quality or esteem of something~~ To bolster his profits, the Cookie King chose to debase the quality of his ingredients, thereby lowering his costs.

  • debauch

    to corrupt by means of sensual pleasures~~ Massages and hot tubs are key ingredients necessary to debauch most weekends.

  • debunk

    to expose the falseness of something~~ To debunk the theory of evolution, some creationists point to the Law of Biogenesis.

  • decorous

    socially proper, appropriate~~ The decorous manners of the guests made hosting the evening a task most pleasant.

  • decry

    to criticize openly in an effort to devalue~~ In his attempt to decry the value of the portrait, the investor pointed to its fringes.

  • deface

    to ruin or injure something’s appearance~~ The boys threw eggs and sprayed shaving cream to deface their teacher's car.

  • defamatory

    harmful toward another’s reputation~~ The defamatory remarks made by the officer were deemed slanderous by all who heard.

  • defer

    to postpone something; to yield to another’s wisdom~~ Due to a bout with strep throat, the opera singer chose to defer all of his engagements.

  • deferential

    showing respect for another’s authority~~ The captain chose to be differential, in light of the general's unexpected presence.

  • defile

    to make unclean, impure~~ She defiled herself when she accepted a dare to undress in a public square.

  • deft

    skillful, capable~~ Milton's deft attempt at humor was a sensational surprise; no one knew about his wit.

  • defunct

    no longer used or existing~~ The divorced man spoke of his defunct marriage with the most baleful sigh.

  • delegate

    to hand over responsibility for something~~ The principal delegated the task of finding a new teacher to the department chairman.

  • deleterious

    harmful~~ The deleterious effects of going without food for many days can be seen many years after the fact.

  • deliberate

    intentional, reflecting careful consideration~~ Though Martha made a deliberate attempt to calm the situation, tempers yet burned.

  • delineate

    to describe, outline, shed light on~~ Shaunt´e clearly delineated her position on the matter, almost convincing her opponent.

  • demagogue

    a leader who appeals to a people’s prejudices~~ The demagogue addressed the people with many tales of gloom and doom.

  • demarcation

    the marking of boundaries or categories~~ Lying is one moral demarcation that I will not cross.

  • demean

    to lower the status or stature of something~~ The coach refused to demean his players by blaming them for the lost.

  • demure

    quiet, modest, reserved~~ She remained demure, even in the face of monumental temptations to join the fun.

  • denigrate

    to belittle, diminish the opinion of~~ The essay denigrated all of the people who'd gone ahead of the current group.

  • denounce

    to criticize publicly~~ The executive denounced all the criticism of his company, calling it unfounded.

  • deplore

    to feel or express sorrow, disapproval~~ Nelson deplored the terrible working conditions at his old job.

  • depravity

    wickedness~~ The assassin's depravity made him willing to slay even the faces of the innocent.

  • deprecate

    to belittle, depreciate~~ Self-deprecating humor is the hallmark of the self assured.

  • derelict

    abandoned, run-down~~ The derelict ship just drifted in the harbor, waiting to be boarded by the curious.

  • deride

    to laugh at mockingly, scorn~~ The 6th graders proved to be bullies, and derided the 3rd and 4th graders.

  • derivative

    taken directly from a source, unoriginal~~ "His scowling countenance is a derivative of his paternal lineage," claimed his mom.

  • desecrate

    to violate the sacredness of a thing or place~~ The pagan's desecrated the temple by challenging the priests to duals and fist fights.

  • desiccated

    dried up, dehydrated~~ The desiccated remains of the Egyptian mummies can still strike amazement into the hearts of Westerners.

  • desolate

    deserted, dreary, lifeless~~ The desert, especially at night, seems to be the most desolate place on earth.

  • despondent

    feeling depressed, discouraged, hopeless~~ Geraldine became completely despondent when the news of the accident came.

  • despot

    one who has total power and rules brutally~~ The despot used threats of death and torture to control his citizenry.

  • destitute

    impoverished, utterly lacking~~ The tornados destroyed many homes and left every family destitute and poor.

  • deter

    to discourage, prevent from doing~~ Nothing can deter an attacking lion once its victim has been chosen.

  • devious

    not straightforward, deceitful~~ Wanting to avoid punishment, the devious teen blamed the broken cup on his sister.

  • dialect

    a variation of a language~~ The southerners were given away, as their dialect announced they weren't from Maine.

  • diaphanous

    light, airy, transparent~~ Diaphanous garbs in summer can help anyone get an authentic all-over tan.

  • didactic

    intended to instruct; b. (adj.) overly moralistic a.) She became very didactic, once the students revealed their many needs.~~ Few people appreciated didactic stories that preach and don't also entertain.

  • diffident

    shy, quiet, modest~~ The diffident young man did not speak during introductions, for his constant fear of seeming too audacious.

  • diffuse

    to scatter, thin out, break up; b. (adj.) not concentrated, scattered or disorganized~~ Clod diffused the tension in the house by telling one of his creative anecdotes.

  • dilatory

    tending to delay, causing delay~~ Wise parents learn dilatory tactics to avoid giving unrehearsed answers to teens.

  • diligent

    showing care in doing one’s work~~ The diligent researcher checked and re-checked the data, ensuring it was valid.

  • diminutive

    small or miniature~~ The bullies, big and ill-tempered, picked on the diminutive children all the time.

  • dirge

    a mournful song, especially for a funeral~~ The singer sang a dirge as the casket was carried slowly to its place of rest.

  • disaffected

    rebellious, resentful of authority~~ The disaffected soldier ignored his orders, slipped into the night, and left his company to battle without him.

  • disavow

    to deny knowledge of or responsibility for~~ When spies are caught, their respective governments will disavow any knowledge of their actions.

  • discern

    to perceive, detect~~ It is extremely difficult to discern subtle messages when they are contained in foreign tongues.

  • disclose

    to reveal, make public~~ The CEO was required to disclose all documents related to their latest European purchase.

  • discomfit

    to thwart, baffle~~ The interrogators attempted to discomfit their prisoners so that information could be gained.

  • discordant

    not agreeing, not in harmony with~~ When the beginning band started to play, the discordant sounds flooded the room like a noisy cloud.

  • discrepancy

    difference, failure of things to correspond~~ The discrepancy in the cost figures caused the principals to fear the upcoming audit.

  • discretion

    the quality of being reserved in speech or action; good judgment~~ I will leave it to your discretion as to whether or not to invite the new girl; she seems a bit suspect.

  • discursive

    rambling, lacking order~~ Bob's speech became discursive after the hecklers started to yell their disapproval.

  • disdain

    to scorn, hold in low esteem; b. (n.) scorn, low esteem a.) Intolerant people tend to disdain all those who disagree with them.~~ I hold all irresponsible abuses of powers in great disdain.

  • disgruntled

    upset, not content~~ Jackie became totally disgruntled when her fiancé forgot the anniversary of their first date.

  • disheartened

    feeling a loss of spirit or morale~~ The team became sorely disheartened when the other team scored five runs in a row.

  • disparage

    to criticize or speak ill of~~ Usually, insecure people try to disparage the efforts of others.

  • disparate

    sharply differing, containing sharply contrasting elements~~ Because of the presence of disparate elements, it was difficult to identify the substance with certainty.

  • dispatch

    to send off to accomplish a duty~~ The commander dispatched a lone soldier to carry the message of surrender to their opponents.

  • dispel

    to drive away, scatter~~ It's hard to dispel the notions that become a part of you in childhood.

  • disperse

    to scatter, cause to scatter~~ It was our mission to disperse the rowdy crowd before violence could escalate.

  • disrepute

    a state of being held in low regard~~ Bad behavior, even if it’s just intermittent, will cause one to fall into disrepute.

  • dissemble

    to conceal, fake~~ The lying witness tried to dissemble the facts; however, the clever attorney trapped him easily.

  • disseminate

    to spread widely~~ The teacher gave the papers to the student to disseminate to her classmates.

  • dissent

    to disagree; b. (n.) the act of disagreeing~~ a.) I must dissent, gentlemen; this simply cannot be.

  • dissipate

    to disappear, cause to disappear; b. (v.) to waste~~ a.) The sun finally came out, and the fog dissipated like smoke.

  • dissonance

    lack of harmony or consistency~~ There was a remarkable dissonance between what Jasper said and what Jasper did.

  • dissuade

    to persuade someone not to do something~~ Gloria tried to dissuade him from going out in such bad weather; but, he went anyway.

  • distend

    to swell out~~ The malnourished children's stomachs begin to distend when their hunger approaches starvation.

  • dither

    to be indecisive~~ The many options before him caused him to dither on his choices.

  • divine

    godly, exceedingly wonderful~~ Our plight was of such that only divine intervention was going to make a difference.

  • divisive

    causing dissent, discord~~ Theo was disciplined because his comments were deemed divisive by his employers.

  • divulge

    to reveal something secret~~ Under pressure, the frightened captive started to divulge all he knew.

  • docile

    easily taught or trained~~ Some sharks are docile; others are very aggressive.

  • dogmatic

    aggressively and arrogantly sure about unproved principles~~ Because of his personal connections with the group, he was very dogmatic about their innocence.

  • dormant

    asleep or temporarily inactive~~ The medication caused the virus to become dormant; thus, it could no longer be transmitted to others.

  • dour

    stern, joyless~~ The counselor was a dour fellow indeed, finding nothing whatsoever to laugh about or to even smile about.

  • dubious

    doubtful, of uncertain quality~~ I heard his story; however, I remain somewhat dubious as to its truth.

  • duplicity

    crafty dishonesty~~ Super spies must deal in duplicity in all of their contacts, lest they be found out and dealt with.

  • duress

    hardship, threat~~ The lawyer was able to convince the jury that his client only committed the offense because of the extreme duress he was under – thanks to the victim.

  • dynamic

    actively changing; powerful~~ Learning, according to educators, is a dynamic process that must be seen and understood in that light.

  • ebullient

    extremely lively, enthusiastic~~ Because Ken was so ebullient in his manner, his party turned out to be the most fun of them all.

  • eclectic

    consisting of a diverse variety of elements~~ The freshmen this year are so eclectic that they constantly find fascination with every new subject, and consequently change their majors to match.

  • ecstatic

    intensely and overpoweringly happy~~ I was ecstatic when the news came about the graduation of my eldest son, Dr. Raymond L. Johnson!

  • edict

    an order, decree~~ When the king's edict was read, the malcontents in his kingdom began to slowly disappear until not one was left.

  • efface

    to wipe out, obliterate, rub away~~ Because the letter was offensive to all who read it, every word of it was effaced.

  • effervescent

    bubbly, lively~~ The effervescent spirit of the cheerleaders was truly infectious; everyone was screaming and shouting through the whole game.

  • efficacious

    effective~~ The compound proved to be quite efficacious; every patient recovered almost instantly.

  • effrontery

    impudence, nerve, insolence~~ The brash teen had the effrontery to yell back at her parents, when she knew full well that she was in the wrong.

  • effulgent

    radiant, splendorous~~ The monarch's new palace, made of gold and silver, was the most effulgent structure ever constructed.

  • egregious

    extremely bad~~ Tammy's behavior was so egregious that she was thrown off the team that very hour.

  • elaborate

    complex, detailed, intricate~~ Pyramids are designed with very elaborate pathways, designed to trap would-be robbers.

  • elated

    overjoyed, thrilled~~ Marvin was totally elated to find out that his project won first place.

  • elegy

    a speech given in honor of a dead person~~ The widow Morgan chose to read her husband's elegy herself, feeling the message was too personal for anyone else to read.