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  • gratuitous

    uncalled for, unwarranted~~ Thanks to the gratuitous gestures of total strangers, we were able to collect all that we needed.

  • gregarious

    drawn to the company of others, sociable~~ The gregarious college kids couldn't be satisfied until they found out where the weekend party would be.

  • grievous

    injurious, hurtful; serious or grave in nature~~ Dr Green committed a grievous error in his calculations, and announced that the sun was going to explode in 2010.

  • guile

    deceitfulness, cunning, sly behavior~~ Professional con men use guile as easily as others use a straw to drink soda.

  • hackneyed

    unoriginal, trite~~ After twenty-five straight encores of the new song, though it was beautiful, it became ever so hackneyed.

  • hallowed

    revered, consecrated~~ For lovers of rock and roll, Woodstock is considered hallowed ground.

  • hapless

    unlucky~~ The hapless Red Raiders lost every one of their games this year by an embarrassing margin.

  • harangue

    a ranting speech; b. (v.) to give such a speech~~ a.) Every student had heard the teacher’s harangue about late homework at least two dozen times.

  • hardy

    robust, capable of surviving through adverse conditions~~ Oaks are very hardy trees, able to survive the harshest winter.

  • harrowing

    greatly distressing, vexing~~ Going through that bank robbery was a harrowing experience that I shall never forget.

  • haughty

    disdainfully proud~~ The haughty rich kids constantly flaunted their brand name garbs and their sports cars.

  • hedonist

    one who believes pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans~~ Because he was such a hedonist, Brandon spent his every waking hour searching for something that felt good, tasted good, or sounded good.

  • hegemony

    domination over others~~ The seniors' hegemony over the underclassmen was a well documented reality on our campus.

  • heinous

    shockingly wicked, repugnant~~ The killings were of such a heinous nature details were withheld from the public.

  • heterogeneous

    varied, diverse in character~~ Because we were placed in heterogeneous groupings, variety was all we knew from day one.

  • hiatus

    a break or gap in duration or continuity~~ Benjamin's hiatus lasted so long everyone concluded that he wasn't planning to ever return.

  • hierarchy

    a system with ranked groups~~ In the American system of hierarchy and power, civil authorities are placed above military authorities, but not by much.

  • hypocrisy

    pretending to believe what one does not~~ It's very difficult for men given to truth to tolerate the hypocrisy that liars engage in daily.

  • hypothetical

    supposed or assumed true, but unproven~~ Many times, the hypothetical enters the realm of the real when understanding matures.

  • iconoclast

    one who attacks commonly held beliefs or institutions~~ John protests everything that the establishment offers, in true iconoclastic style.

  • idiosyncratic

    peculiar to one person; highly individualized~~ Joshua's idiosyncratic behavior identifies him as the only living descendent of Crazy John Maddox.

  • idolatrous

    excessively worshipping one object or person~~ The undying devotion that modern day kids have for rock stars and athletes is nothing shy of idolatrous.

  • ignominious

    humiliating, disgracing~~ What they did to that baby was the most ignominious act I'd ever heard of or even imagined.

  • illicit

    forbidden, not permitted~~ The pipes and other paraphernalia found in that house were deemed illicit by the investigating officers.

  • immerse

    to absorb, deeply involve, engross~~ To master a foreign tongue, one must immerse oneself in it for an extended period of time.

  • immutable

    not changeable; b. (adj.) stoic, not susceptible to suffering~~ a.) The laws of physics are immutable and constant, never able to be changed or altered in the least.

  • impeccable

    exemplary, flawless~~ His driving record is impeccable, having no marks for moving violations or even parking tickets.

  • impecunious

    desperately poor~~ All of the impecunious children sat on the sides of the streets of their impoverished village, searching for but finding no kindness from the passersby.

  • imperative

    necessary, pressing; b. (n.) a rule, command, or order~~ a.) It is absolutely imperative that you take the pills according to the directions on the bottle.

  • imperious

    commanding, domineering~~ General Thurman had the most imperial presence the tenderfoots had ever encountered; thus, they cowered when he spoke.

  • impertinent

    rude, insolent~~ Most of your comments were dismissed because they were at best impertinent and at worst, unfounded and wrong.

  • impervious

    impenetrable, incapable of being affected~~ The new armor is impervious to any and all attacks by modern weaponry.

  • impetuous

    rash; hastily done~~ Harriet’s hasty words were the product of her impetuous nature.

  • impinge

    to impact, affect, make an impression; b. (v.) to encroach, infringe~~ a.) Harold’s act of heroism truly impinged all who witnessed it, exhorting them to do likewise.

  • implacable

    incapable of being appeased or mitigated~~ The combatants were so betaken by their bloodlust, each was altogether implacable.

  • implement

    an instrument, utensil, tool; b. (v.) to put into effect, to institute~~ The surgeon ensured that all of his implement were thoroughly sterile.

  • implicit

    understood but not outwardly obvious; implied~~ There was an implicit message behind Mr. Brookson's well crafted words: get busy, or get out!

  • impregnable

    resistant to capture or penetration~~ Fort Lang was thought to be impregnable, until an enemy tank bulldozed through its stone gate.

  • impudent

    casually rude, insolent, impertinent~~ It never ceases to amaze me how today's young people can be so impudent to their elders.

  • impute

    to ascribe, blame~~ The conference winning coach chose to impute to his played the total credit for their victories.

  • inane

    silly and meaningless~~ The comic's jokes were completely inane, appealing more to twelve year olds than adults.

  • inarticulate

    incapable of expressing oneself clearly through speech~~ Because the inventor was so inarticulate, she just used pictures and spokespeople to make her pitch.

  • incarnate

    existing in the flesh, embodied; b. (v.) to give human form to ~~ a.) That beast was fury and death incarnate, clawing and biting at anything that moved. b.) Sharon's desire for love was so real; she incarnated it and gave it a name.

  • incendiary

    a person who agitates; b. (adj.) inflammatory, causing combustion~~ a.) Darell's gossipy habits earned him the reputation as an incendiary. b.) Gasoline is the most incendiary liquid on the market.

  • incessant

    unending~~ The baby's incessant crying drove the young mother to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

  • inchoate

    unformed or formless, in a beginning stage~~ The inchoate form of an embryo causes some to mistakenly conclude that it's not a viable being at all.

  • incisive

    clear, sharp, direct~~ Plato's incisive questions caused both debaters to get straight to the point they needed to make.

  • inclination

    a tendency, propensity~~ Susan had an inclination to drop her chemistry class but fortunately changed her mind.

  • incorrigible

    incapable of correction, delinquent~~ When young people are allowed to break laws with impunity, they will certainly become incorrigible.

  • increment

    an enlargement; the process of increasing~~ The flood waters grew in increments, increasing with each successive dam burst.

  • incumbent

    one who holds an office; b. (adj.) obligatory~~ During war time, an incumbent candidate always has an edge on anyone else running.

  • indefatigable

    incapable of defeat, failure, decay~~ Even after jogging the uphill route, the indefatigable runner kept on going to the finish line.

  • indigenous

    originating in a region~~ When invasive species come in to any area, the indigenous life forms will be threatened.

  • indigent

    very poor, impoverished~~ Many of those holding their I-will-work-for-food signs are truly indigent, having only the clothes on their backs.

  • indignation

    anger sparked by something unjust or unfair~~ I resigned from my father's fraternity because of my indignation at its hazing practices.

  • indolent

    lazy~~ Offering indolent people a real job is a total waste of time.

  • indomitable

    not capable of being conquered~~ The Miami Heat was truly an indomitable team during the 2010 - 2011 season.

  • induce

    to bring about, stimulate~~ The doctor said, “Don’t induce vomiting; just drink plenty of water.”

  • ineffable

    unspeakable, not able to be expressed in words~~ The scene of the Nile Valley in spring left me speechless; it was truly ineffable.

  • inept

    unsuitable or incapable, not qualified~~ Carlos demonstrated that he was indeed an inept singer, hitting sour note after sour note in his solo.

  • inexorable

    incapable of being persuaded or placated~~ The inexorable march of the troops, with their minds fixed on vengeance, led them headlong to their own disaster.

  • inextricable

    hopelessly tangled or entangled~~ “Understanding is an inextricable component of true wisdom,” taught Professor Sage.

  • infamy

    notoriety, extreme ill repute~~ The infamy of the Jesse and Frank James gang lives to this very day.

  • infusion

    an injection of one substance into another~~ The economy needs a major and rapid infusion of flowing, spendable cash.

  • ingenious

    clever, resourceful~~ The general was the most ingenious of all the battle leaders, figuring out his enemy’s tactics and thwarting them on every turn.

  • ingenuous

    not devious; innocent and candid~~ The young man’s plea was so heart wrenching that his ingenuous character could not be denied.

  • inhibit

    to prevent, restrain, stop~~ An innutritious diet will at some point inhibit a person’s good health.

  • inimical

    hostile, enemy-like~~ The inimical undertones of those at the peace talks suggested that peace was still a distant reality.

  • iniquity

    wickedness or sin~~ “Your iniquity,” said the preacher to the unrepentant sinner, “will not be forgiven.”

  • injunction

    an order of official warning~~ Judge Hill issued a temporary injunction to freeze the assets of the criminal suspect until a complete investigation could be conducted.

  • innate

    inborn, native, inherent~~ Quinton had great innate ability to both compose and play beautiful music.

  • innocuous

    harmless, inoffensive~~ Most domestic spider bites are completely innocuous, harming only creatures as tiny as their would-be prey.

  • innovate

    to do something in an unprecedented way~~ Young minds come up with many and unique innovative strategies to get work done in fun and easy ways.

  • innuendo

    an insinuation~~ During the debate, the politician made several innuendos about plight of those on Medicare and Medicaid.

  • inoculate

    to vaccinate against a disease.~~ In order to increase immunity against malaria, the travelers to the South American jungles were inoculated two weeks before their trip.

  • inquisitor

    one who inquires, especially in a hostile manner~~ The inquisitor was instructed to ask convoluted questions in order to confuse the citizens and get them to confess to crimes they’d not committed.

  • insatiable

    incapable of being satisfied~~ My appetite for fresh fish is truly insatiable; I can eat it every day of my life.

  • insidious

    appealing, but imperceptibly harmful, seductive~~ Lisa’s insidious compliments were designed to guide her victims into a false sense of security.

  • insinuate

    to suggest indirectly or subtly~~ “I didn’t mean to insinuate that you weren’t welcome,” insisted the embarrassed host.

  • insipid

    dull, boring~~ The show was terribly insipid from beginning to end; those who didn’t fall asleep, left early.

  • insolent

    rude, arrogant, overbearing~~ The kind of insolent behavior the boss’s son showed demonstrates a lack of parental involvement and oversight in the young man’s life.

  • instigate

    to urge, goad~~ Those who instigate fights are just as much to blame as those who actually engage in them.

  • insular

    separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off~~ Sometimes, insular communities adopt habits of mind that blind them to the concepts embraced by society at large.

  • insurgent

    one who rebels~~ An insurgent force made its way toward the capital, with ill intentions.

  • integral

    necessary for completeness~~ The messengers played an integral role in the success of the negotiations.

  • interject

    to insert between other things~~ Please allow me to interject one other idea before our final conclusion is reached.

  • interlocutor

    someone who participates in a dialogue or conversation~~ As one interlocutor said to another, “Let’s maintain our civility at all times during these discussions.”

  • interminable

    without possibility of end~~ The questioning mind of men has been an attribute that has aided in their technical evolution and therefore must remain interminable.

  • intimation

    an indirect suggestion~~ The coach’s intimation was that his team would rally and defeat their arch enemy in the end.

  • intractable

    difficult to manipulate, unmanageable~~ The conduct of testosterone-driven athletes is intractable, especially after a big win.

  • intransigent

    refusing to compromise, often on an extreme opinion~~ The intransigent young woman said she was entitled to the house, the furniture, the car, the boat, and every penny in their joint account.

  • intrepid

    brave in the face of danger~~ The intrepid soldier said he was just doing his job when he braved the bullets and flame throwers to save his comrades.

  • inundate

    to flood with abundance~~ “I’m completely inundated with house work!” complained the new bride.

  • inure

    to cause one to become accustomed or acclimated~~ After a life time of living in the squalor of extreme poverty, Jason and his sister became inured to it, and later saw it as normal and even proper.

  • invective

    an angry verbal attack~~ The officer's use of invectives against an insolent, very drunk driver earned him a reprimand.

  • inveterate

    stubbornly established by habit~~ After four years of serious college work, I'd become an inveterate studier and thinker.

  • inviolable

    secure from assault~~ Those in control of their tempers are usually utterly inviolable to verbal attack.

  • irascible

    easily angered~~ The irascible Daffy Duck is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters.