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  • iridescent

    showing rainbow colors~~ There was an eerie iridescent glow coming from the site of the UFO crash.

  • irreverence

    disrespect~~ The irreverence shown by the rap singers was such an insult to effectual worshipers.

  • irrevocable

    incapable of being taken back~~ The Bill of Rights establishes Americans' irrevocable rights under the Constitution.

  • jubilant

    extremely joyful, happy~~ At her wedding, the bride just burst into jubilant song at the thought of actually having her perfect husband.

  • judicious

    having or exercising sound judgment~~ Spending your grocery money on a quick trip to the casino is not very judicious at all.

  • juxtaposition

    two things placed beside each other for the sake of implicit comparison~~ The clever detective saw the subtle difference after juxtaposing the two photographs.

  • knell

    the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death~~ Hearing the solemn knell of the bell told everyone that Mrs. Jennie May had been finally laid to rest.

  • kudos

    praise for an achievement~~ After that incredible performance, the reviewers gave cheerful kudos to the new singer.

  • laceration

    a cut, tear~~ The accident left everyone with bruises and lacerations from head to foot.

  • laconic

    terse in speech or writing~~ The lecturer's laconic style caused him to seen less than sympathetic to his own cause.

  • languid

    sluggish from fatigue or weakness~~ Brandon's bout with the flu left him languid and pale.

  • larceny

    obtaining another’s property by theft or trickery~~ After years of victimizing senior citizens with acts of petty larceny, Slick Willie was finally nabbed.

  • largess

    great and lavish generosity in the giving of gifts~~ On rare occasions, super rich people demonstrate laudable largess in the buying of homes for the poor and building free hospitals for the indigent.

  • latent

    hidden, but capable of being exposed~~ The insidious germ lay latent in its host, waiting for some other sickness to strike first and make its victim vulnerable.

  • laudatory

    expressing admiration or praise~~ Acts of kindness should be met with much more laudatory recognition than they are.

  • lavish

    given without limits; b. (v.) to give without limits~~ a.) Lavish praise was heaped upon the officer for his demonstration of awesome valiance.

  • legerdemain

    deception, slight-of-hand~~ Marvin the Magnificent became world famous for his uncanny skill and legerdemain.

  • lenient

    demonstrating tolerance or gentleness~~ Judge merciless chose not to be lenient in the least with the ten-time offender.

  • lethargic

    in a state of sluggishness or apathy~~ The summer sun in Florida will make even the zestiest exerciser fell lethargic and tired.

  • liability

    legal responsibility; b. (n.) a handicap, burden~~ The court determined that the driver of the truck had the liability for the blown tires.

  • libertarian

    advocating principles of liberty and free will~~ The libertarian candidate spoke of free will and the volition of each individual.

  • licentious

    displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints~~ The licentious woman said, "Hello, Sugar Pumpkin.

  • limpid

    clear, transparent~~ The so-called zero-fat skim milk was so limpid, you could see straight through it.

  • linchpin

    something that holds separate parts together~~ The linchpin in the defense strategy was the absence of any physical evidence.

  • lithe

    graceful, flexible, supple~~ The ballet dancers' lithe movements were akin to watching swans glide over the lake.

  • litigant

    someone engaged in a lawsuit~~ The litigant's lawyer warned her that she could loose everything if her witness didn't show.

  • lucid

    clear, easily understandable~~ Dr. Bringham's explanation was so lucid, even the freshmen med students were able to grasp it and all of its subtleties.

  • luminous

    brightly shining~~ The light from the luminous object made night seem just like day.

  • lurid

    ghastly, sensational~~ The murder mystery was replete with twists, turns, and the lurid details that Gosa had become famous for.

  • maelstrom

    a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects~~ During the most violent storms in the Arctic Ocean, enormous maelstroms are formed that could pull any ship to the depths of destruction.

  • magnanimous

    noble, generous~~ The nurse's magnanimous spirit caused her to offer one of her own kidney's to her suffering patient.

  • malediction

    a curse~~ The witch looked to her master then turned and spoke her malediction upon all the citizens of the town that had sentenced her to burn.

  • malevolent

    wanting harm to befall others~~ The malevolent old man sat in his room all day, writing dirty letters to young girls.

  • malleable

    capable of being shaped or transformed~~ Because young minds are so malleable, even the worst delinquent can be rehabilitated.

  • mandate

    an authoritative command~~ In the New Testament, Jesus mandated that the penitent would receive mercy and grace.

  • manifest

    easily understandable, obvious; b. (v.) to show plainly~~ a.) The poet's meaning is clearly manifest when you consider his other writings.

  • manifold

    diverse, varied~~ I have manifold reasons for not going; I just mentioned to you the most obvious ones.

  • maudlin

    weakly sentimental~~ The maudlin themes of all the romance comedies are entirely predictable from the boy meets girl, to the boy looses girl, to the boy gets girl back elements.

  • maverick

    an independent, nonconformist person~~ The suspense writer didn't think of himself as a maverick; he was just writing what he thought was usual stuff.

  • mawkish

    characterized by sick sentimentality~~ The mawkishness of yesterday's television story lines was displayed as normal living situations of normal American families.

  • maxim

    a common saying expressing a principle of conduct~~ The chief maxim of the day is this: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • meager

    deficient in size or quality~~ The meager portion of food did not satisfy Harold's enormous appetite.

  • medley

    a mixture of differing things~~ The orchestra played a medley of oldies but goodies.

  • mendacious

    having a lying, false character~~ The mendacious reputation of Snake MacFarady caused everyone to turn down his offer to go into business with him and his brother.

  • mercurial

    characterized by rapid change or temperament~~ Sally was so mercurial before her test results came, no one knew what to say to her.

  • meritorious

    worthy of esteem or reward~~ Bernice's meritorious gesture was hailed by all as the perfect peace-making move.

  • metamorphosis

    the change of form, shape, substance~~ The metamorphosis that the main character went through is proof positive that sinners can become saints.

  • meticulous

    extremely careful with details~~ The surgeon was very meticulous about the care of the patient's wound.

  • mitigate

    to make less violent, alleviate~~ In an attempt to mitigate the squabble between the brothers, their father took blame for most of the problem.

  • moderate

    not extreme; b. (n.) one who expresses moderate opinions~~ a.) The damage was deemed moderate by the adjustor, giving the owners much less than they expected.

  • modicum

    a small amount of something~~ Just a modicum of patience will keep a person out of many jams.

  • modulate

    to pass from one state to another, especially in music~~ The technicians are attempting to modulate the frequencies of the incoming signals.

  • mollify

    to soften in temper~~ Hank's apology certainly went a long way in mollifying Alfred's hostility.

  • morass

    a wet swampy bog; figuratively, something that traps and confuses~~ Wading through the morass at a turtle's pace, the hikers took many hours to reach the town.

  • mores

    the moral attitudes and fixed customs of a group of people.~~ Social mores impact the development of a society and the expectations of those who live there in.

  • morose

    gloomy or sullen~~ Jasper’s morose disposition made him very unpleasant to ever be around.

  • multifarious

    having great diversity or variety~~ The reason I love Swiss army knives is because of their multifarious, do-everything design.

  • mundane

    concerned with the world rather than with heaven, commonplace~~ The mundane concerns of the uninspired oftentimes seem very trivial to those who visit the muses often.

  • munificence

    generosity in giving~~ The extent of the billionaire's munificence astounded even those who knew him well.

  • mutable

    able to change~~ The decisions of the uncertain thinker tend to be very mutable.

  • myriad

    consisting of a very great number~~ There are myriad things to do on an ocean cruise, unless, of course you are a land lover.

  • nadir

    the lowest point of something~~ The nadir of my existence came when my one and only love found someone else.

  • nascent

    in the process of being born or coming into existence~~ The nascent genius of the young students in Dr. Einstein's class was evident when some of them actually challenged some of his assumptions on relativity.

  • nebulous

    vaguely defined, cloudy~~ I found the teacher's explanation of the events very nebulous, as they were filled with imprecise allusions and hints.

  • nefarious

    heinously villainous~~ The nefarious pirates arrived on the shores of the town with crossbones waving.

  • negligent

    habitually careless, neglectful~~ At some point, negligent behavior leads to disappointment, if not total ruin.

  • neophyte

    someone who is young or inexperienced~~ Though Joel was a neophyte, he handled the emergency with the comportment of a veteran.

  • nocturnal

    relating to or occurring during the night~~ Because bats are nocturnal creatures, they live for the moon.

  • noisome

    unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell~~ The noisome stench of the carcass permeated the whole building, driving the employees to the parking lot.

  • nomadic

    wandering from place to place~~ The nomadic tribesmen move so often, it's impossible to know their whereabouts at all times.

  • nominal

    trifling, insignificant~~ Because there was only a nominal fee involved, Mr.

  • nonchalant

    having a lack of concern, indifference~~ I was shocked at how nonchalant Jennifer handled the news of her expulsion.

  • nondescript

    lacking a distinctive character~~ Undercover detectives are pros at coming across as nondescript observers and passersby.

  • notorious

    widely and unfavorably known~~ The fraternity became notorious for its crazy parties and weird inductions ceremonies.

  • novice

    a beginner, someone without training or experience~~ During the game, the novice players contributed just as much as the others.

  • noxious

    harmful, unwholesome~~ The noxious fumes simply overwhelmed the investigators as well as all others within a two-block radius.

  • nuance

    a slight variation in meaning, tone, or expression~~ There was but a nuance of difference between the shade I wanted and the shade they had in stock.

  • nurture

    to assist the development of~~ The nurture of a loving mother has no substitute.

  • obdurate

    unyielding to persuasion or stubbornly insensitive to change~~ The young men were as obdurate as the long bearded men of the sea when it came to changing their ways.

  • obfuscate

    to render incomprehensible~~ The coding mechanism obfuscated the program, rendering it undecipherable.

  • oblique

    diverging from a straight line or course, not straightforward~~ The river's course was oblique, twisting and turning all the way to the ocean.

  • oblivious

    lacking consciousness or awareness of something~~ The naive travelers were oblivious to the tactics of the big city slickers.

  • obscure

    unclear, partially hidden~~ Thought the markings were obscure, our linguists were able to decode most of them.

  • obsequious

    excessively compliant or submissive~~ The imprisoned women were strangely obsequious to their captors, suggesting some type of mind control.

  • obsolete

    no longer used, out of date~~ The type writer has become an obsolete business tool.

  • obstinate

    not yielding easily, very stubborn~~ Even after hours of enhanced interrogation, the spies remained obstinate and closed mouthed.

  • obstreperous

    noisy, unruly~~ The obstreperous class frustrated the rookie teacher such that she simply walked out.

  • obtuse

    lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect~~ The obtuse ball players thought nothing of exchanging insults with the opposing team.

  • odious

    instilling hatred or intense displeasure~~ The convict's words to the jury were odious from beginning to end.

  • officious

    insisting on helping when it's neither wanted nor needed~~ The new boss was much too officious, telling everybody how to do the jobs they already knew how to do.

  • ominous

    foreboding or foreshadowing evil; threatening~~ The rolling of thunder was an ominous sound, frightening children and adults alike.

  • onerous

    burdensome~~ Having to clean the stables alone is an onerous chore that no one wants to do.

  • opulent

    characterized by rich abundance verging on ostentation~~ The mansion was decorated with the most opulent furnishings I've ever seen.

  • oration

    a speech delivered in a formal or ceremonious manner~~ The speaker's oration was well paced and loquaciously delivered.

  • ornate

    highly elaborate, excessively decorated~~ The Yuletide decorations were truly ornate, from the tree to the windows to the sidewalks.

  • orthodox

    conventional, conforming to established protocol~~ Because of their orthodox thinking the elders wouldn't even consider any so-called new fangled ideas.

  • oscillate

    to sway from one side to the other~~ Melvin's little oscillating fan hummed all night, trying its best to cool the whole room.

  • ostensible

    appearing as such, seemingly~~ Ostensibly, those who refused to follow directions the first time were sent home.

  • ostentatious

    excessively showy, glitzy~~ Most of the out of town guests thought the hostess's flamboyant way was too ostentatious.

  • ostracism

    exclusion from a group~~ After Brad's ostracism from his club, he simply wandered around regretting his egregious actions.