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P to Q words with usage

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  • pacific

    soothing~~ Trying to pacify both sides, the mediator proposed many compromises.

  • palatable

    agreeable to the taste or sensibilities~~ That chocolate cake was the most palatable item on the table, even better than the pie.

  • palette

    a range of colors or qualities~~ The multi-national palette of the quilt was seen as the greatest gesture of peace, soothing even the most ardent of attendees.

  • palliate

    to reduce the severity of, ameliorate~~ Attempting to palliate the pain, Dr.

  • pallid

    lacking color~~ The decorations were unique, but the bland color choices were a bit pallid for my taste.

  • panacea

    a remedy for all ills or difficulties~~ There are no panaceas in the real world; however, an apple a day might be the closest.

  • paradigm

    an example that is a perfect pattern or model~~ Using computers as primary teaching tools is certainly a paradigm shift for our teachers.

  • paradox

    an apparently contradictory statement that is perhaps true~~ The notion time travel presents a multitude of paradoxes that are just beginning to be understood.

  • paragon

    a model of excellence or perfection~~ Hercules is a paragon of the traditional hero type -- powerful, brave, and good.

  • paramount

    greatest in importance, rank, character~~ The paramount issue here is not his condition; it's the condition of his vast estate.

  • pariah

    an outcast, a repulsive person~~ After her expulsion from the Ladies' Club International, Shelia became somewhat of a pariah, finding no other club that would take her.

  • parody

    a satirical imitation~~ Saturday Night Live is one of the most noted television shows to ever use parody as its chief means of humor.

  • parsimony

    frugality, stinginess~~ The old miser's parsimony caused him to choose to eat cat food instead of steak.

  • partisan

    a follower, adherent~~ During national emergencies, there's no time or place for partisan politics; everyone must follow the designated leader's plan.

  • patent

    readily seen or understood, clear~~ When Janette didn't even know the combination to her husband's safe, it became patently clear what the problem really was.

  • pathology

    a deviation from the normal; study of disease~~ The pathology report made it clear that the tumor had definitely stopped growing, and was perhaps even shrinking.

  • pathos

    an emotion of sympathy~~ Even the perpetrators showed sincere pathos for the stricken family.

  • paucity

    small in quantity~~ Dwayne felt the paucity of available food meant that everyone should eat smaller portions, starting with him.

  • pejorative

    derogatory, uncomplimentary~~ Mitch's pejorative comments to his wife were seen as proof positive that he no longer cared nor even respected her.

  • pellucid

    easily intelligible, clear~~ The mountain streams were so pellucid the brown and orange stones on the bottom could be seen with ease.

  • penchant

    a tendency, partiality, preference~~ Jeff's penchant for the dramatic had a perfect forum during the impending storm surge.

  • penitent

    remorseful, regretful~~ Marvin the Murderer didn't seem the least bit penitent for his crimes; in fact, he smiled when they were mentioned.

  • penultimate

    next to last~~ I believe Jim's penultimate solution was better than the one he ultimately chose.

  • penurious

    miserly, stingy~~ Estelle's penurious habits caused her and her children to walk around in worn and tattered clothes.

  • perfidious

    disloyal, unfaithful~~ Even after he got married, it was hard for the swinging bachelor to give up his perfidious ways.

  • perfunctory

    showing little interest or enthusiasm~~ The newsman delivered the bad news in such a perfunctory manner, it seemed as though it was just another run of the mill event.

  • permeate

    to spread throughout, saturate~~ Leaven, or yeast, tends to permeate everything it touches.

  • pernicious

    extremely destructive or harmful~~ The pernicious intent of the invaders was made very evident when they drew their swords.

  • perplex

    to confuse~~ A good military leader will always attempt to perplex his foes with some strategy.

  • perspicacity

    shrewdness, perceptiveness~~ Because of Will's perspicacity, he figured out the problem before it had a chance to grow.

  • pert

    flippant, bold~~ I thought Betty's manner was a bit too pert, as she responded to her mother's questions.

  • pertinacious

    stubbornly persistent~~ The twins had a pertinacious spirit that drove them to stick to their guns no matter what.

  • perusal

    a careful examination, review~~ After careful perusal of the layouts, we saw where the leaks had to be coming from.

  • pervasive

    having the tendency to spread throughout~~ The airborne plague became pervasive throughout the countryside, once the winds changed.

  • petulance

    rudeness, irritability~~ Such petulance demonstrated by anyone suggests a lack of respect for age and position.

  • philanthropic

    charitable, giving~~ The Tycoon's philanthropic gesture fed thousands and housed tens of thousands.

  • phlegmatic

    uninterested, unresponsive~~ Monica became wholly phlegmatic when she found out their play wasn't going to be televised or even written about in the local paper.

  • pillage

    to seize or plunder, especially in war~~ The pillage left in the wake of the Viking's raid left the village destitute of food and gold.

  • pinnacle

    the highest point~~ When an athlete is at the pinnacle of his career, his skill level is simply off the charts.

  • pithy

    concisely meaningful~~ I love quotes and proverbs, especially the pithy varieties that say so much in so few words.

  • pittance

    a very small amount, especially relating to money~~ The only jobs available to the uneducated pay only a pittance, nothing near what it takes to support a family.

  • placate

    to ease the anger of, soothe~~ To placate the angry fans, the organization decided to offer free tickets to the next game.

  • placid

    calm, peaceful~~ The placid lake surface looked like a sheet of emerald glass, glistening in the sunlight.

  • platitude

    an uninspired remark, cliché~~ Sometimes, platitudes are used when nothing original can be thought of to say.

  • plaudits

    enthusiastic approval, applause~~ The plaudits given to the performance were an indication of the audience's approval.

  • plausible

    believable, reasonable~~ The detective's theory didn't seem plausible at first; but, after some musing, it was seen as the only thing that could possibly be right.

  • plenitude

    an abundance~~ After the fierce rains, there was certainly a plenitude of fresh water for people and plants alike.

  • plethora

    an abundance, excess~~ There are a plethora of reasons why we should all tell the truth; all of them, however, eluded me that day.

  • pliable

    flexible~~ The reeds of certain plants are so pliable they can be used to make very strong ropes.

  • poignant

    deeply affecting, moving~~ The message of that movie was quite poignant, causing the audience to think and re-think their own values.

  • polemic

    an aggressive argument against a specific opinion~~ Alberto's polemic served to rebut his opponent and introduce a new view of reality.

  • portent

    an omen~~ The witch's words were an ominous portent of tragedies to come for the great king.

  • potable

    suitable for drinking~~ Creek water can be potable when spring water id scarce.

  • potentate

    one who has great power, a ruler~~ Nebuchadnezzar was one of the greatest potentates the world has ever known.

  • pragmatic

    practical~~ Nancy's suggestion proved to be one of the most pragmatic to be discussed all day.

  • precipice

    the face of a cliff, a steep or overhanging place~~ Looking down from the icy precipice, the alpha wolf chose its prey.

  • preclude

    to prevent~~ Concern for the welfare of others should preclude a person from ever even considering taking advantage of anyone.

  • precocious

    advanced, developing ahead of time~~ Polly Ann was the most precocious child in the class, many times beating her teacher to the answers.

  • predilection

    a preference or inclination for something~~ Due to Claud's predilection for sea food, his choice of evening fare was always predictable.

  • preponderance

    superiority in importance or quantity~~ The preponderance of evidence pointed conclusively to the accused.

  • prepossessing

    preoccupying the mind to the exclusion of all else~~ Job's prepossessing thoughts were of Gloria only -- morning, noon, and night.

  • presage

    an omen~~ The sight of the dreaded albatross was the presage most disdained by old seamen.

  • prescient

    to have foreknowledge of events~~ Maggie was quite prescient, seeing the future as though it were the past.

  • prescribe

    to lay down a rule~~ The doctor prescribed several pills, multicolored and expensive.

  • presumptuous

    disrespectfully bold~~ Clyde, being the presumptuous lad that he was, went to pick up his prom date and found her already gone with someone else.

  • pretense

    an appearance or action intended to deceive~~ His anguish over her death was but a pretense, a ruse to suggest his own innocence.

  • primeval

    original, ancient~~ His suit was the color of primeval metal, brown and gray mixed with red.

  • privation

    lacking basic necessities~~ Losing his job added tremendously to his family's privation and pain.

  • probity

    virtue, integrity~~ Helen's probity was in question when it appeared that she had lied to the investigators.

  • proclivity

    a strong inclination toward something~~ Because of human proclivity, there will always be crime and guile in the world.

  • procure

    to obtain, acquire~~ Trying to procure sustenance, the hungry man reluctantly stole from total strangers.

  • profane

    lewd, indecent~~ Stanley was suspended from school for three days for using profane language.

  • profligate

    dissolute, extravagant~~ The profligate shopper went to every store in the mall, buying many things she didn't need and couldn't afford.

  • profuse

    plentiful, abundant~~ After the ten-mile run in the 90 degree heat, the track team was dripping with profuse sweat.

  • promulgate

    to proclaim, make known~~ To promulgate the notion of ethnic superiority with not a shred of objective evidence is an act of idiocy.

  • propagate

    to multiply, spread out~~ Insects have learned to propagate their species in the most dire of survival circumstances.

  • propensity

    an inclination, preference~~ Those whose trust has been abused must guard against developing a propensity to mistrust everyone.

  • propitious

    favorable~~ As the propitious moment arrived at last, the signal was given, and the race began.

  • propriety

    the quality or state of being proper, decent~~ Observing the dictates of social propriety, Evelyn allowed her guest to be seated first.

  • prosaic

    plain, lacking liveliness~~ The plot of the play was rather prosaic, having characters that sat around and slept for hours, and didn’t bother to even dream.

  • proscribe

    to condemn, outlaw~~ The court proscribed a sentence of not less than thirty years and not more than fifty.

  • protean

    able to change shape; displaying great variety~~ Chief among Samuel's protean talents was the ability to start a fire with his mind.

  • prowess

    extraordinary ability~~ The knight displayed his fight prowess by defeating the emerald-eyed dragon of Coal Mountain.

  • prudence

    cautious, circumspect~~ Prudence would dictate that one should get to know on a personal basis those with whom one shares secrets.

  • prurient

    eliciting or possessing an extraordinary interest in sex~~ Thanks to the internet, many adolescents have prurient interests that would flabbergast their parents.

  • puerile

    juvenile, immature~~ The young man was lectured by his professor for his puerile actions and told to go home and grow up.

  • pugnacious

    quarrelsome, combative~~ Pit bulls are infamous for their pugnacious dispositions, fighting anything at any time.

  • pulchritude

    physical beauty~~ In today's world, women possessing the greatest degree of pulchritude are called supermodels.

  • punctilious

    eager to follow rules or conventions~~ There's nothing worse than an IRS agent who’s punctilious by nature and choice.

  • pungent

    having a pointed, sharp quality (often describing smells)~~ The pungent odor of bleach pervaded the hallways, blocking them, as it were, with its chemical barricade.

  • punitive

    involving punishment~~ When speeders are caught speeding through school zones, punitive measures are and should be guaranteed.

  • putrid

    rotten, foul~~ The putrid stench of the road kill was all over his new tires!

  • quagmire

    a difficult situation~~ Playing video games when you should be studying is one of the easiest ways to put yourself in an academic quagmire.

  • quaint

    charmingly old-fashioned~~ During our vacation in the mountains, we chanced to stay at a quaint little bed and breakfast.

  • quandary

    a perplexing, bad situation~~ When my car stopped cold in the middle of a thunder storm, I knew I was in a quandary.

  • quell

    to control or diffuse a potentially explosive situation~~ To quell the violence in the streets, the National Guard had to be called in.

  • querulous

    whiny, complaining~~ The passenger in the last seat is a querulous sort, complaining about the food, the service, and everything else near him.

  • quixotic

    idealistic, impractical~~ The quixotic cartoon fan wrote many letters to Bugs Bunny, asking him about his friend, Daffy Duck.

  • quotidian

    daily~~ Intent on tending to his quotidian chores, Mr. Simon focuses on nothing else.