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  • rail

    to scold, protest~~ The tenured teachers began to rail against the lack of a cost of living increase.

  • rancid

    having a terrible taste or smell~~ The meat in the box was terribly rancid; its odor was all over the house.

  • rancor

    deep, bitter resentment~~ When the will was read, the jilted spouse was brimming with rancor when her late husband's estate was left to some woman he called Jessie Bell.

  • rapport

    mutual understanding and harmony~~ It's a difficult task to develop a rapport with someone who’s naturally introverted.

  • rash

    hasty, incautious~~ Don't be so rash in your judgment, Jonas; he may not be as bad as you think.

  • raucous

    loud, boisterous~~ Maria's raucous friends were over again last night, laughing, cursing, and singing their naughty songs.

  • raze

    to demolish, level~~ The demolition crew was called in to raze the condemned building before the hurricane season arrived.

  • rebuke

    to scold, criticize~~ Mr. Thomas rebuked his son sharply for missing his curfew for the second time this week.

  • recalcitrant

    defiant, unapologetic~~ The drunk driver was recalcitrant and rude to the officers; thus, he got to spend ninety days in the county stockade.

  • recapitulate

    to sum up, repeat~~ The speaker began to recapitulate his main points, warning that they all must be remembered and acted upon.

  • reciprocate

    to give in return~~ The Bonner's were so cordial to us we felt the need to reciprocate their invitation.

  • reclusive

    solitary, shunning society~~ The reclusive clan moved back into the deep woods, away from every human being.

  • reconcile

    to return to harmony; b. (v.) to make consistent with existing ideas~~ a.) The couple wanted to be reconciled, but didn't know how to work through their problems.

  • rectitude

    uprightness, extreme morality~~ A high degree of rectitude should be a requisite for anyone serving in a public office.

  • refract

    to distort, change~~ The light was refracted as it passed through the prism, breaking into a full spectrum.

  • refurbish

    to restore, clean up~~ For Mother's Day, we decided to refurbish her favorite rocking chair.

  • refute

    to prove wrong~~ Martin was set to refute every argument, but heard nothing with which he disagreed.

  • relegate

    to assign to the proper place; b. (v.) to assign to an inferior place a.) The experts from the Bureau were quickly relegated to the evidence room.~~ b.) After her last debacle, Miriam was relegated to the laundry room to help wash and iron uniforms.

  • relish

    to enjoy~~ Seeing the chocolate covered Strawberries that he relished so, Bob almost cried.

  • remedial

    intended to repair gaps in students’ basic knowledge~~ Because he scored so low on his assessment, Nolan was placed in a remedial class.

  • remiss

    negligent, failing to take care~~ "It would be remiss of me not to mention our visitors," said Headmaster Belford.

  • renovate

    restore, return to original state; b. (v.) to enlarge and beautify a.) The guest house was renovated so his mother could use it during her stay.~~ b.) After she renovated the library, she was able the store more books, and even host formal gatherings.

  • renown

    honor, acclaim~~ Einstein gained even greater renown when the A-Bomb actually worked as forecasted.

  • renunciation

    a rejection~~ Maximillian's renunciation of his own government left many to wonder about his true allegiance.

  • repentant

    penitent, sorry~~ Not being repentant in the least, George simply threatened to slap her again.

  • replete

    full, abundant~~ The student's final paper was replete with spelling errors, punctuation errors, and confusing phrases.

  • repose

    to rest, lie down~~ The weary traveler stopped in the shade and reposed himself on the ground, leaning against an apple tree.

  • reprehensible

    deserving rebuke~~ The child molester's reprehensible conduct was found by the jury to be worthy of a life sentence.

  • reprieve

    a temporary delay of punishment~~ The governor granted a reprieve to the convict, citing an incident that happened during his incarceration.

  • reproach

    to scold, disapprove~~ The teacher was reproached by her principal for showing improper movies to her class.

  • reprobate

    evil, unprincipled~~ The reprobate murderer sat in his cell, thinking of revenge against his self-assigned enemies.

  • reprove

    to scold, rebuke~~ The Bible reproves every evil act that men do, warning them to stop before it's too late.

  • repudiate

    to reject, refuse to accept~~ The career criminal made a plea to the judge; but, it was repudiated with the words that touted justice and in the name of community safety.

  • repulse

    to disgust; b. (v.) to push back~~ a.) I found her suggestion utterly repulsive, and I scolded her for thinking such a thing. b.) The wall of water was slowly but surely repulsed by the shifting winds.

  • reputable

    of good reputation~~ Only reputable individuals are considered for the jury pool.

  • requisition

    a demand for goods, usually made by an authority~~ The requisition came in on time; however, several items were listed as back-ordered.

  • rescind

    to take back, repeal~~ After second thought, the principal decided to rescind her permission to have a school-wide party.

  • reservoir

    reserves, large supply; b. (n.) a body of stored water~~ a.) There's a reservoir of office supplies yet unopened in the secretaries' vault. b.) Hoover Dam creates one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water in the world.

  • resilient

    able to recover from misfortune; able to withstand adversity~~ The resilient young player healed quickly and returned to his team in no time.

  • resolute

    firm, determined~~ Jim was totally resolute in his decision not to allow extended vacations, even under the pressure of old friendships and rain checks.

  • resolve

    to find a solution; b. (v.) to firmly decide~~ a.) A mediator was called in to resolve the conflict that had lasted for months.

  • respite

    a break, rest~~ The pause in the storm offered a brief but desperately needed respite.

  • resplendent

    shiny, glowing~~ The polished marble was exquisite and resplendent under the yellow lights.

  • restitution

    restoration to the rightful owner~~ The police ensured that the theft victims received full restitution of their possessions.

  • restive

    resistant, stubborn, impatient~~ The youngsters became very restive, as the speaker went on and on, taking up their play time.

  • retract

    withdraw~~ The newspaper decided to retract its entire statement about one of the candidates when a portion of it proved to be false.

  • revel

    to enjoy intensely~~ The plan was to pass the final, catch a flight, land safely, then revel till early dawn.

  • revere

    to esteem, show deference, venerate~~ The boys had been taught to revere the name of the founder of their school, removing theirs hats at the mention of his name.

  • revoke

    to take back~~ After the food fight in the cafeteria, the headmaster decided to revoke all off-campus privileges.

  • rhapsodize

    to engage in excessive enthusiasm~~ My mother often rhapsodizes in her oldies-but-goodies songfest every weekend.

  • ribald

    coarsely, crudely humorous~~ Ribald humor is not allowed to be expressed in the presence of minors or the elderly.

  • rife

    abundant~~ Rife with excuses, the teenagers came completely unprepared for their final exam.

  • ruminate

    to contemplate, reflect~~ While ruminating on the day's activities, it occurred to me that not everyone was present.

  • ruse

    a trick~~ Clint and Junior used a clever ruse to outwit the grizzly man and his little brother.

  • saccharine

    sickeningly sweet~~ The saccharine manner of kiss-ups is enough to make anyone want to barf.

  • sacrosanct

    holy, something that should not be criticized~~ There is no doubt, in American culture the Bible is the most sacrosanct of all volumes.

  • sagacity

    shrewdness, soundness of perspective~~ With the sagacity of Holmes himself, the junior detective read the clues and solved the crime.

  • salient

    significant, conspicuous~~ The most salient topic broached by any speaker was the topic of early childhood learning.

  • salutation

    a greeting~~ Joseph's salutation was so warm and heart-felt; we knew instantly that we were really welcomed there.

  • salve

    a soothing balm~~ As the nurse rubbed the salve in to the wound, the burning stopped immediately.

  • sanctimonious

    giving a hypocritical appearance of piety~~ Sanctimonious preachers cause so many to disbelieve the genuine message of God.

  • sanguine

    optimistic, cheery~~ Though I'm not sanguine about the possibility of overnight guests, the thought is not altogether repulsive.

  • satiate

    to satisfy excessively~~ Larry became satiated with sugars after eating a full dozen of cream-filled donuts.

  • scathing

    sharp, critical, hurtful~~ The reporter gave a scathing rundown of every wicked thing the mob boss had done.

  • scintillating

    sparkling~~ The country singer's scintillating rhinestone costume blinded everybody in the front row.

  • scrupulous

    painstaking, careful in conduct or manner~~ Because Karen was so scrupulous, she refused to take the thousand dollars that she found and turned in the police that they in turn returned to her.

  • scurrilous

    vulgar, coarse~~ The scurrilous language of the truck drivers greatly offended the young waitress.

  • sedentary

    sitting, settled~~ The sedentary job that I took three months ago has caused me to gain fifteen pounds.

  • semaphore

    a visual signal~~ The deaf and hard of hearing tend to communicate with clearly visible semaphores.

  • seminal

    original, important, creating a field~~ The dawning of the age of serious quartz research is seminal; for, it has heretofore only been postulated.

  • sensual

    involving sensory gratification, usually related to sex~~ For many people, taking a warm mud bath is a sensual experience.

  • sensuous

    involving sensory gratification~~ For Bobby and Jean, holding hands turned out to be more of a sensual experience than either of them had thought.

  • serendipity

    luck, finding good things without looking for them~~ Saturday was truly the day of serendipity; for, I found a large diamond ring in the sand at the beach and a twenty dollar billon my way home.

  • serene

    calm, untroubled~~ The late night beach is one of the most serene places on the planet, especially when the seas are calm.

  • servile

    subservient~~ Because humble people have servile natures, they make incredibly faithful servants.

  • sinuous

    lithe, serpentine~~ With the sinuous movements of her entire body, the nimble dancer moved like a quiet twisting stream flowing to the ocean.

  • sobriety

    sedate, calm~~ Failing his at-the-scene sobriety test, poor Nicholas spent yet another night in jail.

  • solicitous

    concerned, attentive~~ The ailing patient really needed the solicitous attention he got from all the nurses on duty.

  • solipsistic

    believing that oneself is all that exists~~ The solipsistic attitude of some of the super rich causes them to ignore the plight of the poor, and sometimes to even blame the poor for their condition at birth.

  • soluble

    able to dissolve~~ Salt is a very soluble substance, disappearing in water with just the slightest agitation.

  • solvent

    substances that dissolve other substances ; b. (adj.) able to pay debts~~ a.) The scientist knew once she added the solvent, the reaction would spontaneously occur.

  • somnolent

    sleepy, drowsy~~ Long tests, hot days, and somnolent students seldom make for happy teachers.

  • sophomoric

    immature, uninformed~~ The freshmen thought the pledging requisites were sophomoric, and therefore chose not to pledge.

  • sovereign

    having absolute authority in a certain realm~~ Caesar of Rome was an absolute sovereign, ordering men to their deaths as he saw fit.

  • speculative

    not based in fact~~ Gladly, Theresa was convinced to go at least part way with that speculative venture; thus, today, she is part way rich.

  • spurious

    false but designed to seem plausible~~ The researcher's evidence was contrived and spurious, seeming to solve genuine problems, but failing during the different-laboratory re-testing stage.

  • stagnate

    to become or remain inactive, not develop, not flow~~ With no room to flow, the once pure waters stagnated and became a hatchery for mosquitoes and biting flies.

  • staid

    sedate, serious, self-restrained~~ The staid manner of the new boss infused the heretofore footloose and fancy free company with a dose of seriousness that it sorely needed.

  • stingy

    not generous, not inclined to spend or give~~ The stingy man would only pay the teenager fifty cents for cutting his two-acre lawn.

  • stoic

    unaffected by passion or feeling~~ The best judges around tend to be stoic in their manner and in the ultimate decisions that they render.

  • stolid

    expressing little sensibility, unemotional~~ The convicted men stood there, stolid and resigned to his fate.

  • strenuous

    requiring tremendous energy or stamina~~ Seemingly, weight lifters must do strenuous exercises every time they work out.

  • strident

    harsh, loud~~ My fourth hour teacher is the most strident person in the world, yelling at and accusing her students constantly.

  • stupefy

    to astonish, make insensible~~ Ronica’s incredible talents tend to stupefy all who see her, rendering them speechless.

  • subjugate

    to bring under control, subdue~~ The conquering general had no desire to kill the inhabitants of his new realm; he wanted more than anything else to subjugate them and use them as a labor force.

  • sublime

    lofty, grand, exalted~~ The show went from the sublime to the ridiculous when the incredible singer gave way to a not-so-incredible boys' rap band.

  • submissive

    easily yielding to authority~~ Submissive men tend to become henpecked husbands, giving the rest of the gender bearers a bad reputation.

  • succinct

    marked by compact precision~~ The mayor’s succinct speech was a bit hard to hear; for she spoke of tax increases and layoffs.

  • superfluous

    exceeding what is necessary~~ After everyone has gotten their agreed-upon portion, everything else can be considered superfluous and given to those in need.

  • surfeit

    an overabundant supply or indulgence~~ Having a surfeit of nutritious food makes it obligatory to feed the starving children.