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S to Z words

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  • surmise

    to infer with little evidence~~ After hearing Harold's not-so-convincing reasons for being absent, and glancing at his overall work record, I was able to surmise that his absences were indeed habitual.

  • surreptitious

    stealthy~~ The thief crept surreptitiously toward the back door, intending on slipping in while others were preoccupied with pleasures.

  • surrogate

    one acting in place of another~~ Brenda, a surrogate, carried the child to term for its biological mother, Lucy.

  • swarthy

    of dark color or complexion~~ A swarthy gentlemen stood up and gestured toward a photo of an African gentleman, and said, "For my father's sake, I'll not resign; but, some things must change."

  • sycophant

    one who flatters for self-gain~~ Most in-the-know bosses recognize sycophants a mile away, and give them cursory attention at best.

  • tacit

    expressed without words~~ Without a word ever being spoken, Wade tacitly communed with LeBron, and tossed the perfect lob for a monster slam dunk.

  • taciturn

    not inclined to talk; peevish~~ The taciturn youngster just sat, gazing into nothingness, obviously disturbed by something.

  • tangential

    incidental, peripheral, divergent~~ Trying to avoid the direct answers that would expose him, the clever defendant became ever more tangential in his responses.

  • tantamount

    equivalent in value or significance~~ Leaving work without permission is tantamount to quitting; for, you can never return.

  • tedious

    dull, boring~~ Licking and stamping envelopes for five hours is the most tedious job I can imagine.

  • temerity

    audacity, recklessness~~ The soldier's temerity was lauded by his comrades, but it was chided by his superiors.

  • temperance

    moderation in action or thought~~ Those who meditate tend to develop great temperance, remaining calm in the most distressing of circumstances.

  • tenable

    able to be defended or maintained~~ I'm seeking a relationship that can be tenable even over great distances.

  • tenuous

    having little substance or strength~~ My employment is tenuous at best; being late is something I better avoid at all costs.

  • terrestrial

    relating to the land~~ Because hippopotami are only semi-terrestrial, they must be semi-aquatic also.

  • timorous

    timid, fearful~~ Marcus, being the timorous lad that he is, imagined himself asking Linda out, but never found the boldness to actually do it.

  • tirade

    a long speech marked by harsh or biting language~~ Listening to the boss's tirade about tardiness, every wise employee started to report an hour early every day.

  • toady

    one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors~~ Being a toady is the easiest way in the world to become hated by all.

  • tome

    a large book~~ Bookworms are literally at home in a tome.

  • torpid

    lethargic, dormant, lacking motion~~ The torpid kid just sat on his soft sofa and ate chips and watched television all day.

  • torrid

    giving off intense heat, passionate~~ No one will be able to maintain such a torrid pace for 26 miles.

  • tortuous

    winding~~ The tortuous streets help to keep the speeders under 50 mph, which is a good thing.

  • tractable

    easily controlled~~ Small children are extremely tractable when the proper motivation is used.

  • tranquil

    calm~~ The lazy river scene was especially tranquil; even the currents seemed to take it easy and coast.

  • transgress

    to violate, go over a limit~~ "Sinners are those who transgress God's laws of righteousness!" proclaimed the fiery preacher.

  • transient

    passing through briefly; moving in and out of existence~~ The spirit of youth doesn't have to pass like youth itself; for, the spirit is not transient.

  • transmute

    to change or alter in form~~ Metamorphosis is a transmutation from one form of a creature to another.

  • travesty

    a grossly inferior imitation~~ "That verdict was nothing short of a travesty of justice!" screamed the defense attorney.

  • tremulous

    fearful~~ Seeing the creature that wasn't supposed to even exist made everyone tremulous and uncertain.

  • trenchant

    effective, articulate, clear-cut~~ The how-to directions that came with my speed bike were not trenchant and proved very difficult to follow.

  • trepidation

    fear, apprehension~~ Nolan's trepidations surged when he saw that wall of water approaching the beach.

  • trite

    not original, overused~~ Every knock-knock joke should be banned from use and considered trite by all serious comedians.

  • truculent

    ready to fight, cruel~~ Boxing, more-so than most other sports, is a test of truculent prowess.

  • truncate

    to shorten by cutting off~~ Craig tried so hard to get his brother to truncate his long, boring speech, but to no avail.

  • turgid

    swollen, excessively embellished in style or language~~ Some young writers attempt to be impressive by using turgid language where none is required.

  • turpitude

    depravity, moral corruption~~ There are certain cities in the world that cater to the turpitude that's rampant in our society.

  • ubiquitous

    existing everywhere, widespread~~ Going through the fields, the brier bobs seemed ubiquitous, sticking us at every turn.

  • umbrage

    resentment, offense~~ Uncontrolled opinion offering can and will result in umbrage being taken at some point.

  • uncanny

    of supernatural character or origin~~ It's uncanny how the skilled magicians can make things seem to float without using any apparatus.

  • unctuous

    smooth or greasy in texture, appearance, manner~~ The slick politician struck all of the audience members as unctuous and underhanded.

  • undulate

    to move in waves~~ AS the waves picked up, that little skiff started to undulate like a bream cork.

  • upbraid

    to criticize or scold severely~~ The parents started to upbraid the mischievous teens for skipping school and going to the mall.

  • usurp

    to seize by force, take possession of without right~~ The young prince dreamed of usurping his father's position and sitting comfortably on his throne.

  • utilitarian

    relating to or aiming at usefulness~~ We were told to buy only utilitarian items, nothing that was pretty but has no practical use.

  • utopia

    an imaginary and remote place of perfection~~ In the middle of the Amazonian Jungle, there's a legendary city called Utopia.

  • vacillate

    to fluctuate, hesitate~~ When the stakes went up, some of the players lost their aggressiveness and started to vacillate.

  • vacuous

    lack of content or ideas, stupid~~ After being asked several hard questions in a row, and missing them all, Cloe seemed vacuous to those watching.

  • validate

    to confirm, support, corroborate~~ The numbers were presented by Dr. Lewis, but they needed to be validated independently by someone else.

  • vapid

    lacking liveliness, dull~~ The latest rendition of Star Battles is reported to be vapid, lacking any real intrigue.

  • variegated

    diversified, distinctly marked~~ The variegated patterns on the python make it one of the most beautiful creatures in nature.

  • vehemently

    marked by intense force or emotion~~ "I vehemently oppose any and all changes at this point!" shouted Mayor Todd.

  • veneer

    a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance, façade~~ Beneath that veneer of politeness and manners, beats a heart that is willing to kill.

  • venerable

    deserving of respect because of age or achievement~~ The professor emeritus was a venerable scholar; everyone listened to his every word.

  • venerate

    to regard with respect or to honor~~ The children were taught to venerate their leader from the crib up.

  • veracity

    truthfulness, accuracy~~ Doubting the veracity of the victim's claim, the insurance adjuster interviewed the officer again who wrote up the incident.

  • verbose

    wordy, impaired by wordiness , loud~~ One of the major afflictions of most politicians is the inclination to be verbose.

  • verdant

    green in tint or color~~ During late spring, the vales and glens of Westhighland are lush and verdant.

  • vestige

    a mark or trace of something lost or vanished~~ The annihilation was absolute, leaving not a vestige of that ancient civilization.

  • vex

    to confuse or annoy~~ About fifteen minutes after nightfall, the mosquitoes begin to vex every warm-blooded creature in the woods.

  • vicarious

    experiencing through another~~ Readers have discovered that they can travel to exotic lands vicariously through the fascinating characters they read about.

  • vicissitude

    event that occurs by chance and brings heart-ship or pain~~ The vicissitude of the hike began to afflict him, especially when the trail wound uphill.

  • vigilant

    watchful, alert~~ The vigilant watchman was on full alert, and saw the invaders as they stepped upon the king's shore.

  • vilify

    to lower in importance, defame~~ The article truly vilified the whole team, blaming all of them for the brutal post-game fight .

  • vindicate

    to avenge; to free from allegation; to set free~~ After new evidence was introduced, the accused man was found innocent of all charges, vindicated from any possibility of punishment.

  • vindictive

    vengeful~~ When the vindictive felon was finally released from prison, he immediately sought to afflict those who'd put him there.

  • virtuoso

    one who excels in an art; a highly skilled musical performer~~ Maestro Bland is a true virtuoso, playing with unique skill every instrument in the orchestra.

  • viscous

    not free flowing, syrupy~~ Once blood chills, it can become as viscous as maple syrup.

  • vitriolic

    having a caustic quality~~ When angered, Thelma Lou would spew out vitriolic characterizations of everybody she knew.

  • vituperate

    to berate~~ The embarrassed coach began to vituperate his seniors for allowing themselves to be beaten by the girls' team.

  • vivacious

    lively, sprightly~~ The vivacious cheerleaders shouted and bounced about during the whole game.

  • vocation

    the work in which someone is employed, profession~~ The vocation in life is teaching school; but, my passion is catching fish.

  • vociferous

    loud, boisterous~~ The ring master was so vociferous that he didn't need his megaphone to be powered.

  • wallow

    to roll oneself indolently; to become or remain helpless~~ After wallowing in self-pity all weekend, Charles got up, washed his face, and marched out to meet life, planning to conquer whatever got in his way.

  • wane

    to decrease in size, dwindle~~ After not eating for three full days, Bert's strength began to wane.

  • wanton

    undisciplined, lewd, lustful~~ Geraldine's wanton manner often made her minister cringe with distress.

  • whimsical

    fanciful, full of whims~~ The whimsical little Annie liked to pretend that she was a beautiful princess, waiting to be rescued from the clutches of the black knight.

  • wily

    crafty, sly~~ In nature, once an animal escapes an attacker's first assault, it becomes much more wily and cunning.

  • winsome

    charming, pleasing~~ The winsome host charmed his guests with his wit, his smile, and his tacit glances.

  • wistful

    full of yearning; musingly sad~~ As Charlotte thought back on her last summer of fun, she became wistful, and longed for one more hour of joy.

  • wizened

    dry, shrunken, wrinkled~~ The wizened matriarch rose from her throne, and spoke with the raspy voice of years, saying, "My children, love each other always."

  • wrath

    vengeful anger, punishment~~ It will one day be a day of retribution when the wrath of the king is meted out upon all who speak his name in vain.

  • yoke

    to join, link~~ The oxen were yoked together because the field was almost petrified from lack of rain.

  • zealous

    fervent, filled with eagerness in pursuit of something~~ The zealous young apprentice spent the night at his desk, trying to learn everything in a day.

  • zenith

    the highest point, culminating point~~ At the zenith of the physical maturity, Clark was able to lift a thousand pounds above his head.

  • zephyr

    a gentle breeze~~ "If Zephyr favors us, we shall make port by nightfall," Captain Longfellow announced.