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Items (49)

  • (I'm always) full up

    to eat to the point that you can no longer eat any more

  • (I'm usually) starving hungry

    an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry

  • to bolt something down

    to eat something very quickly

  • (I'm) dying of hunger

    an exaggerated way of saying you are hungry

  • to eat a balanced diet

    to eat the correct types and amounts of food

  • to eat like a horse

    to eat a lot

  • to follow a recipe

    to cook a meal using instructions

  • (my mom) foots the bill

    to pay the bill

  • (I'm not) a fussy eater

    somebody who has their own very high standards about what to eat

  • (I often) grab a bite to eat

    to eat something quickly (when you’re in a rush)

  • (I) have a sweet tooth

    to enjoy sugary food

  • home-cooked food

    food cooked at home from individual ingredients

  • (we have) the main meal

    the most important meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening

  • (It) makes your mouth water

    to make you feel very hungry for something

  • to play with your food

    to push food around the plate to avoid eating it

  • processed food

    commercially prepared food bought for convenience

  • (I eat) a quick snack

    to eat a small amount of food between meals

  • (I eat) a ready meal

    see ‘processed food’

  • (I often go for) a slap up meal

    a large meal

  • to spoil your appetite

    to est something that will stop you feeling hungry when it’s meal-time.

  • (I eat) a take away

    a cooked meal prepared in a restaurant and eaten at home

  • to tuck into

    to eat something with pleasure

  • (If you want) to wine and dine

    to entertain someone by treating them to food and drink

  • `to work up an appetite

    to do physical work that leads to you becoming hungry

  • to attend classes

    to go to classes

  • bachelors degree

    an undergraduate course which usually lasts 3-4 years

  • boarding school

    a school where pupils live during term time

  • (I study through) distance learning

    a way of studying where tuition is carried out over the Internet or by post

  • face-to-face classes

    as opposed to distance learning the traditional way of studying in a classroom with colleagues and a teacher

  • to fall behind with your studies

    to progress less quickly than others

  • to give feedback

    to offer guidance on a student’s work

  • (I had) a graduation ceremony

    an event where a successful student receives his or her academic degree

  • higher education

    education, usually in a college or university, that is followed after high school or secondary school

  • (I'm taking) an intensive course

    a course that offers lots of training in order to reach a goal in as short a time as possible

  • to keep up with your studies

    to not fall behind

  • a mature student

    a student who is older than average and who has usually returned to education after a period at work

  • to learn something by heart

    to memorize it

  • (I was doing) a masters degree

    a period of study which often follows the completion of a bachelors degree or is undertaken by someone regarded as capable of a higher-level academic course

  • to meet a deadline

    to finish a job or task in the time allowed or agreed

  • to play truant

    to stay away from classes without permission

  • private language school

    an independent school run as a business concern

  • public schools

    exclusive independent schools in the UK

  • a single-sex school

    a school where only boys or girls attend (as opposed to a mixed-sex school)

  • to sit an exam

    to take an exam

  • state school

    a school paid for by public funds and available to the general public

  • subject specialist

    a teacher who has a great deal of knowledge about the subject they teach.

  • to take a year out

    to spend a year working or travelling before starting university

  • tuition fees

    the money paid for a course of study

  • (I have) to work your way through university

    to have a paid job whilst studying to support yourself financially