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Items (63)

  • (I get) aches and pains

    minor pains that continue over a period of time

  • to be a bit off colour

    to feel a little ill

  • to be at death’s door

    (informal) to be very ill indeed

  • (I) to be on the mend

    to be recovering after an illness

  • to be over the worst

    to have got through the most serious or uncomfortable stage of an illlness

  • to be under the weather

    (informal) to not feel well

  • a blocked nose

    when the nose has excess fluid due to a cold

  • to catch a cold

    to get a cold

  • a check-up

    a physical examination by a doctor

  • a chesty cough

    a cough caused by congestion around the lungs

  • ((I have) cuts and bruises

    minor injuries

  • to feel poorly

    to feel ill

  • (I'm) as fit as a fiddle

    to be very healthy

  • to go down with a cold

    to become ill

  • to go private

    to choose to be treated by commercial healthcare rather than by services offered by the state

  • to have a filling

    to have a tooth repaired

  • to have a tooth out

    to have a tooth removed

  • a heavy cold

    a bad cold

  • to make an appointment

    to arrange a time to see the doctor

  • to make a speedy recovery

    to recover quickly from an illness

  • to phone in sick

    to call work to explain you won’t be attending work due to illness

  • (I have to pay) prescription charges

    money the patient pays for medicine authorised by a doctor

  • to pull a muscle

    to strain a muscle

  • a runny nose

    a nose that has liquid coming out of it

  • a sore throat

    inflammation that causes pain when swallowing

  • take a look back in history

    nhìn lại lịch sử

  • Sharp bend

    chỗ ngoặt gấp

  • sister cities

    thành phố kết nghĩa

  • an action movie

    a film with fast moving scenes, often containing violence

  • I like nothing more than to be engrossed in (a good book)

    to be completely focused on one thing

  • (I can't live without) bedtime reading

    something to read in bed before you go to sleep

  • to be a big reader

    someone who reads a lot

  • to be based on

    to use as a modal

  • a box office hit

    a financially successful film

  • to be heavy-going

    difficult to read

  • a blockbuster

    a film that is a big commercial success

  • (I want) to catch the latest movie

    to see a film that has just come out

  • the central character

    the main person in a film or book

  • (I read) a classic

    of the highest quality

  • to come highly recommended

    to be praised by another person

  • couldn’t put it down

    wasn’t able to stop reading a book

  • an e-book

    a digital book

  • (I have) an e-reader

    a device for reading e-books

  • (I love) to flick through

    to look quickly through a book

  • (That book) get a good/bad review

    to receive positive or negative feedback

  • (This movie will) go on general release

    when a film can be seen by the general public

  • hardback:

    a book with a rigid cover (see ‘paperback’ below)

  • a historical novel

    a story set in the past

  • a low budget film

    a film made with a small amount of money

  • a film made with a small amount of money

    at the cinema

  • a page turner

    a book that you want to keep reading

  • paperback

    book with a flexible cover (see ‘hardback’ above)

  • plot

    the main events in a film or book

  • to read book from cover to cover

    to read a book from the first page to the last

  • sci-fi

    science fiction

  • to see a film

    to see a film at the cinema (see ‘watch a film’ below)

  • the setting

    where the action takes place

  • showings

    performances of a film

  • soundtrack

    the music that accompanies a film

  • special effects

    the visuals or sounds that are added to a film which are difficult to produce naturally

  • to take out (a book from the library)

    to borrow a book from the library

  • to tell the story of:

    to outline the details of someone’s life or an event

  • to watch a film:

    to watch a film on TV (see ‘to see a film’ above)