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Items (59)

  • (all the) mod cons

    technology at home that makes jobs easier such as a washing machine, dishwasher etc.

  • apartment block

    a large building made up of smaller units of apartments

  • back garden

    a garden at the rear of the house

  • detached house

    a house that is not physically connected to another property

  • to do up a property

    to repair an old building

  • dream home

    a home you regard as perfect

  • first-time buyer:

    someone buying a property for the first time, especially when taking out a loan (mortgage)

  • (It's) fully-furnished

    a rented property with all furniture included

  • (I want) to get on the property ladder:

    to buy a property with the aim of buying another bigger or more expensive one later in life

  • hall of residence

    a college or university building where students live

  • home comforts

    things that make a home feel comfortable to live in

  • house-hunting

    looking for a property to live in

  • house-warming party

    a party to celebrate moving into a new home

  • ideal home

    a perfect home

  • to live on campus:

    to live on the university or college grounds

  • mobile home

    a home that can be moved by a vehicle or one that has its own engine

  • to move into

    to begin to live in a property

  • to own your own home

    to have bought the property you live in

  • to pay rent in advance

    weekly or monthly rent paid at the beginning of the week or month

  • permanent address

    a fixed address

  • property market

    the buying and selling of land or buildings

  • to put down a deposit

    to pay an amount of money as the first in a series of future payments

  • rented accommodation

    property owned by someone else and for which a person pays a fixed amount to live in

  • single room

    a room for one person

  • spacious room

    a large room

  • student digs

    student accommodation

  • the suburbs

    a residential area on the edge of towns or cities

  • to take out a mortgage

    to borrow a large amount of money, paid back over several years, in order to buy a house

  • terraced house

    a house connected on both sides by other properties

  • to be on trend:

    to be very fashionable

  • casual clothes

    not formal

  • classic style

    a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable

  • designer label

    a well-known company that makes (often expensive) clothing

  • dressed to kill

    wearing clothes that attract admirers

  • to dress for the occasion

    to wear clothes suitable for a particular event

  • fashionable

    in fashion

  • fashion house

    a company that sells (usually expensive) new styles in clothes

  • fashion icon

    a person who is famous for their sense of fashion

  • fashion show

    an event where modals show off the latest in fashion designs

  • (I) get dressed up

    to put on nice clothes, often to go out somewhere special

  • to go out of fashion

    to not be in fashion any more

  • hand-me-downs (N)

    clothes that are passed down from older brothers or sisters to their younger siblings

  • to have an eye for (fashion)

    to be a good judge of

  • to have a sense of style

    the ability to wear clothes that look stylish

  • the height of fashion

    very fashionable

  • o keep up with the latest fashion

    to wear the latest fashions

  • to look good in sth

    to wear something that suits you

  • to mix and match

    to wear different styles or items of clothing that aren’t part of a set outfit

  • must-have (Shirt)

    something that is highly fashionable and therefore in demand

  • (My clothes are) off the peg

    clothing that is ready made

  • old fashioned

    not in fashion any more

  • on the catwalk

    the stage that modals walk along to show off the latest fashions

  • a slave to fashion

    someone who always feel the need to wear the latest fashions

  • smart clothes

    the kind of clothes worn for a formal event

  • to suit someone

    to look good on someone

  • to take pride in one’s appearance

    to pay attention to how one looks

  • timeless

    something that doesn’t go out of fashion

  • vintage clothes:

    clothes from an earlier period

  • (to be) well-dressed

    to be dressed attractively