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Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves

Last update 

Items (8)

  • Pressure reducing valve

    Normaly open, sensed after valve, acts like a regulator

  • Relief valve

    Normaly closed, sensed before valve, controls pressure

  • Unloader valve

    Normally closed, senses downstream, needs check valve in system. Full flow back to tank while keeping pressure @pump outlet

  • Pressure reducing valve

    Normally open, sense downstream, has drainline. Modulates pressure to specific amount rest of oil goes back to tank

  • Sequence valve

    Normaly closed, sensed upstream, controls what circuit gets oil first.

  • Counterbalance Valve

    Normaly closed, sensed upstream, needs parallel check valve. Safety device to prevent vertical load from free falling

  • Brake Valve

    Normally closed, sensed upstream, provides controlled deceleration and prevents over speeding of motor

  • Lock Valve

    Safety device to prevent dropping or drifting of load. 2 check valves lock up when pressure is lost on control valve side of check valves