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PMP study

PMP study

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Items (98)

  • Name the three types of a PMO

    Supportive, Controlling, and Directive

  • ____ life cycle deals with the lifetime of the deliverables


  • _____ life cycle deals with the lifetime of the deliverables


  • What is the Demming cycle

    Plan do check

  • Name the cycles in the project management life cycle

    Initiating, Planning, executing , Controlling, closing

  • Name the project lifecycle for project statement of work


  • Name the project lifecycle for verify success criteria


  • Name the project lifecycle for create scope statement


  • Name the project lifecycle for Create WBS


  • Name the project lifecycle for Hold kick off meeting


  • When is a project plan baseline

    when sponsor signs off to project planning phases

  • Who authorizes changes to the project charter


  • Who authorizes changes to the performance baseline

    control board

  • Who authorizes changes to HL constrains

    sr mgt

  • Who authorizes changes to the project plan


  • ____ describes how the organization does projects


  • ____ describes the organization's culture like templates and process


  • This technique evaluations are performed anonymously

    Delphi technique

  • Formal acceptance of work products and deliverables on the project form stakeholders

    validate scope

  • Measuring the work product against the scope baseline

    control scope

  • What phase are control scope

    monitoring and controlling

  • This tool is used in capturing the voice of the customer


  • I must complete activity a before I can start activity b

    Finish to start

  • I must start activity a before I can start activity B

    start to start

  • I must complete activity a before I can complete activity b

    finish to finish

  • I cannot complete activity b until I start activity A

    start to finish

  • Can be applied on a project as a form of schedule compression or fast tracking


  • An imposed delay in starting a successor activity


  • Using a similar project for time estimates


  • Extrapolating estimations


  • Rescheduling work due to a resource

    resource smoothing

  • Changing allocations due to over/under allocations

    resource leveling The process of identifying and documenting specific actions to be performed to produce the project deliverables ; define activates

  • The process of id and documenting relationship among the project activities

    sequence activities

  • describes the time an activity can be delayed for delaying the early start of a successor activity

    free float

  • Planed cost of work to be done at this point in time


  • Value of work actually accomplished


  • Cost of work


  • Total planed value for the entire project


  • What do we think the project will actually cost


  • From this point, how much more will it cost to complete the project


  • How much over/under budget do we expect to be at the project end


  • What cost performance goals must be met to stay within BAC


  • Formula for cost variance


  • Formula for Schedule Variance


  • Formula for Cost performance index


  • Formula for Schedule performance index


  • Formula for Cumulative cost performance index


  • Formula for Estimate at completion for same budget

    AC + BAC - EV

  • Formula for Estimate at completion for new budget


  • Theory of Juran

    Quality control is cheaper over time

  • Phil Crosby

    zero defects

  • Mistake proofing

    poka toke

  • Ishikawa diagram


  • Tuckman model

    forming , storming, norming; performing

  • Herzberg

    motivation-hygiene theory

  • Theory X Y

    X- employees lazy Y - want to do their best

  • Theory Z

    employee loyalty

  • What is the variance report

    compares the actual results against the planned baseline

  • What is an output to perform qualitative risk analysis

    risk register update

  • What is FMEA

    Uses severity, probability, and detectability for risk mgt

  • What is Expected monetary value?

    Multiplying the impact of an event in dollars times its probability

  • FFP

    Firm fixed price

  • FPIF

    Fixed pace plus incentive

  • FPEA

    Fixed price with economic adjustment

  • CPFF

    cost plus fixed fee

  • CPIF

    cost plus incentive fee

  • CPAF

    Cost plus award fee

  • CPPC

    Cost plus percentage of cost

  • PTA formula

    (celling price - Total price)/ Buyers share ratio + Target cost

  • RFP

    Request for proposal

  • IFB

    Initiation for bid

  • RFQ

    Request for quote

  • What is a project?

    Project is temporary endeavor undertaken to create unique product, service or result (has defined start and end date)

  • What is a program?

    Program is group of related projects

  • What is a portfolio?

    Portfolio is group of projects or programs (may or may not be dependent). They are grouped together for effective management.

  • Who are stakeholders?

    Stakeholders are persons or organizations whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the performance or completion of the project. Stakeholders include project team as well.

  • Define stakeholder characteristics?

    The stakeholders of a project typically have conflicting objectives. They have maximum influence during initial stages of the project.

  • What is contingency reserve?

    Contingency Reserve is to cover known unknowns (known risks)

  • What is management reserve?

    Management Reserve to cover unknown unknowns (unknown risks)

  • What is last step in project closing?

    Last step in project closing is gather lessons learned and archive project info (Organization Process Assets updates) for future use

  • How will you choose a project given NPV of many projects?

    Choose project with high NPV (i.e high net present value)

  • What is value engineering?

    Value engineering is less costly method to deliver same scope without performance degradation

  • Who issues project charter?

    Project sponsor issues project charter

  • What type of contract is purchase order?

    Purchase order is fixed price type contract

  • Sensitivity analysis is a technique in which process?

    Sensitivity analysis is a technique in Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Name some techniques in Perform Quality Assurance?

    Quality audits, process analysis (includes root cause analysis) are some techniques in Perform Quality Assurance

  • What is Kaizen approach?

    Kaizen approach is Continuous improvement

  • Quality is management problem is mentioned by?

    Quality is management problem is mentioned by Deming

  • Zero defects/Do it first time is mentioned by?

    Zero defects/Do it first time is mentioned by CrosbySquare - Decision node, Circle- Chance node, Triangle - end of branch.

  • Components of decision tree?

    Decision tree components are square - decision node, circle- chance node and triangle - end of branch.

  • What is critical chain?

    Resource constrained critical path is critical chain.

  • What is constructive change?

    Undocumented change to contract is constructive change.

  • What is code of accounts?

    Code of accounts is numbering system used to uniquely identify each component of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

  • Difference between precision and accuracy?

    Precision is values of repeated measurements are clustered and have little cluster. Accuracy is measured value is close to true value.

  • Difference between quality and grade?

    Quality is degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements. Grade is category assigned to products or services that have the same functional use but different technical characteristics. Low quality is not acceptable, but low grade may be acceptable.

  • Difference between agreement and contract?

    Agreement is not legally binding but a contract is legally binding.

  • Difference between product scope and project scope?

    Product scope means the features and functions of the product or service being built. Project scope means the work that's needed to build the product.

  • What is free float?

    Free float is time that an activity can be delayed from it's early start date without delaying early start of any immediately following schedule activities.