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AS Latin Vocabulary - O

AS Latin Vocabulary - O

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Items (38)

  • because of, on account of

    ob + acc

  • forget

    obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum

  • hostage

    obses, obsidis, m and f

  • besiege, blockade

    obsideo, obsidere, obsedi, obsessus

  • meet, go to meet, oppose, resist

    obviam eo, ire, i(v)i + dat

  • opportunity, occasion

    occasio, occasionis, f

  • kill

    occido, occidere, occidi, occisus

  • seize, take possession of, occupy

    occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatus

  • eye

    oculus, oculi, m

  • hate

    odi, odisse

  • hatred

    odium, odii, n

  • be hated by

    odio est + dat

  • present, offer

    offero, obtuli, oblatus

  • duty, task, function

    officium, officii, n

  • once, formerly, one day


  • neglect, disregard, make no mention of

    omitto, omittere, omisi, omissus

  • all, every

    omnis, omne

  • altogether, at all, entirely


  • burden, load

    onus, oneris, n

  • work, effort, attention, trouble

    opera, operae, f

  • I take pains, give attention (to)

    operam do

  • be necessary, ought, must

    oportet, oportere, oportuit

  • town

    oppidum, oppidi, n

  • suitable, opportune

    opportunus, opportuna, opportunum

  • overwhelm, crush, weigh down

    opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressus

  • attack

    oppugno, oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus

  • help; (pl) resources, riches

    (ops), opis, f

  • work, toil, construction

    opus, operis, n

  • there is need (of)

    opus est, esse, fuit + abl

  • coast

    ora, orae, f

  • speech

    oratio, orationis, f

  • rank, order, line

    ordo, ordinis, m

  • rise, start, originate

    orior, oriri, ortus sum

  • adorn, decorate, provide, equip

    orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatus

  • beg

    oro, orare, oravi, oratus

  • mouth, face

    os, oris, n

  • show, point out, indicate

    ostendo, onstendere, ostendi, ostentus

  • leisure, idleness, peace

    otium, otii, n