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The Things They Carried (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

The Things They Carried (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

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Zionsville Community High School's AP Literature & Composition classes have to learn and memorize sets of tonal vocabulary for books that they read (in this case "The Things They Carrried") for tests every month or so.

Items (15)

  • Audacious

    1.) Very confident and daring, perhaps recklessly so; 2.) Original and bold; 3) Contemptuous of law, religion, or decorum

  • Callous

    Unfeeling, insensitive to the feelings of others

  • Caustic

    Intense use of sarcasm; stinging or biting (inducing emotional pain)

  • Facetious

    Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor: flippant

  • Foreboding

    With fearful apprehension

  • Frivolous

    Superficial, without serious purpose or value, silly, giddy

  • Inane

    Lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly, empty

  • Insipid

    Not interesting or exciting; dull or boring

  • Ironic

    Marked by usage of words that mean the opposite of what you really think/feel in order to be funny or deceptive/manipulative

  • Ominous

    Suggestive that bad things will come; foreboding of evil; inauspicious; portentous

  • Ribald

    Offensive in speech or gesture

  • Sardonic

    Scornfully and bitterly sarcastic

  • Sinister

    Threatens to be harmful, evil, or just plain trouble; wicked

  • Unnerving

    Causing one to become nervous, afraid, upset, unable to think clearly

  • Uproarious

    Extremely funny