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Items (14)

  • tôn trọng, tuân theo, giữ (lời)

    abide by (v) /ə'baid/ The two parties agreed to abide by the judge's decision

  • hợp đồng, giao kèo

    agreement (n) /ə'gri:mənt/ According to the agreement, the caterer will also supply the flowers for the event

  • sự cam đoan, bảo đảm, chắc chắn

    assurance (n) /ə'ʃuərəns/ The sales associate gave his assurance that the missing keyboard would be replaced the next day.

  • sự bãi bỏ, hủy bỏ

    cancellation (n) /,kænse'leiʃn/ The cancelation of her flight caused her problems for the rest of the week

  • quyết định, xác định, kiên quyết

    determine (v) /di'tə:min/ After reading the contract, I was still unable to detemine if our company was liable for back wages.

  • Tham gia, cam kết

    engage (v) /in'geidʤ/ He engaged us in a fascinating discussion about current business law

  • sự hứa hẹn, hứa hôn

    engage (n) /in'geidʤ/

  • thiết lập, thành lập; xác minh

    establish (v) /is'tæbliʃ/ The merger of the two company established a powerful new corporation

  • bắt buộc, ép buộc

    obligate (v) /'ɔbligeit/ The contractor was obligated by the contract to work 40 hours a week.

  • đội, nhóm; người tham dự; buổi tiệc

    party (n) /'pɑ:ti/ The parties agreed to settlement in their contract dispute.

  • sự dự trữ, cung cấp; điều khoản

    provision (n) /provision/ The father made provision for his children through his will.

  • giải quyết

    resolve (n) /ri'zɔlv/ The manager resolved to clean out all the files at the end of the week.

  • sự kiên quyết; sự tin chắc

    resolve (v) /ri'zɔlv/

  • cụ thể, đặc trưng; rõ ràng

    specific (a) /spi'sifik/ The customer's specific complaint was not addressed in his e-mail.