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  • apprehend

    to seize, arrest; b. (v.) to perceive, understand, grasp a.) The criminal was apprehended trying to flee from the scene of the crime.~~ b.) Apprehending philosophical concepts is the domain of those in pursuit of truth.

  • approbation

    praise~~ The President heaped great approbation upon the fire fighter that saved a child.

  • appropriate

    to take and make use of~~ Uncle Sam appropriated the fissionable material without delay or explanation.

  • aquatic

    relating to water~~ A marine biologist studies aquatic creatures and reports findings to the curious minded.

  • arable

    suitable for growing crops~~ American farmers seek out arable land with the same way gusto that the early prospectors sought out gold mines.

  • arbiter

    one who can resolve a dispute or make a decision~~ The wise arbiter granted the east side of the island to its original owners, and the balance he gave to the newcomers.

  • arbitrary

    based on random factors~~ The man’s decision was totally arbitrary, being predicated on nothing.

  • arbitration

    the process or act of resolving a dispute~~ The plaintiffs sought immediate arbitration when a judge gave them a hint of an unfavorable ruling.

  • arboreal

    of or relating to trees~~ Arboreal creatures live in the trees of every country on Earth.

  • arcane

    obscure, secret, known only by a few~~ The professor of ancient writings suggested that the tablet was arcane but somewhat decipherable.

  • archaic

    of or relating to an earlier period in time, outdated~~ Because of the micro-chip, machines like the typewriter will soon be archaic.

  • archetypal

    the most representative or typical example of something~~ The image of an aging Einstein has become the archetypal image of every genius.

  • ardor

    extreme vigor, energy, enthusiasm~~ The ground troops conveyed their intense ardor for battle, as they scraped their swords against the stone pillars.

  • arid

    excessively dry~~ The great deserts are the most arid places on our whole planet, allowing cactus only to thrive and the occasional scorpion.

  • arrogate

    to take without justification~~ With his stiff chin raised, the self righteous monarch arrogated the right to determine what the truth should be in his kingdom.

  • artifact

    a remaining piece from an extinct culture or place~~ Archeologists crave artifacts the way paleontologists crave the bones of dinosaurs.

  • artisan

    a craftsman~~ The artisans of ancient Greece fashioned chests and cabinets fit for the king’s palace.

  • ascertain

    to perceive, to receive, to learn~~ Thinking he could ascertain the codes to the alarm, the thief slipped silently into the bank president’s office.

  • ascetic

    practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious~~ Serious Christians live ascetic lifestyles, denying themselves all of the sinful pleasures that abound in our land.

  • ascribe

    to assign, credit, attribute to~~ True wisdom has been ascribed to those who seek goodness, truth, and virtue above all else.

  • aspersion

    a curse, expression of ill-will~~ The rival teams constantly cast aspersions on each others’ athletic prowess.

  • aspire

    to long for or to aim toward~~ The adolescent writer aspires to write and publish the great American novel someday.

  • assail

    to attack~~ At dusk of the evening, the bloody battle will begin, and our unwary foes will be assailed without mercy.

  • assess

    to evaluate~~ Trying to assess the work of a professional is a task best left to the experienced.

  • assiduous

    hard-working, diligent~~ The senior students labored assiduously to finish their projects before the deadline.

  • assuage

    to ease, pacify~~ The angry beast would in no wise relent in its attack, for its rage had not been assuaged by the meager offerings.

  • astute

    very clever, crafty~~ My most astute pupil wrote an absolutely splendid explanation that logically addressed 99% of the questions posed by the panel.

  • asylum

    a place of refuge, a sanctuary; b. (n.) institution for the insane.~~ a. The deep woods are my personal asylum when silliness surrounds me and threatens to stay.

  • atone

    to repent, make amends~~ To atone for his crimes, sad and regretful jaywalker volunteered for community service.

  • atrophy

    to wither away, decay~~ Any body parts deprived of blood for an extended period will surely atrophy and die.

  • attain

    to achieve, arrive at~~ The runners work fifty hours a week to attain their competitive level of fitness.

  • attribute

    to credit, assign; b. (n.) a facet or trait~~ a.) He attributes the bulk of his success to his wife’s constant pep talks.

  • atypical

    not typical, unusual~~ Using sewing scissors to cut the lawn is the most atypical thing I’ve ever seen.

  • audacious

    excessively bold~~ An audacious freshman actually challenged the upperclassmen to a match of wits.

  • audible

    able to be heard~~ The cries from the dungeon were barely audible; thus, they were heard only during the hush of the night.

  • augment

    to add to, expand~~ To augment his root word vocabulary, Kevin bought a Greek and Latin compendium of basic root meanings

  • auspicious

    favorable, indicative of good things~~ The most auspicious time is just before dawn; so, that’s when we should try again.

  • austere

    very bare, bleak~~ The Saharan Desert is one of the most austere habitats on the planet.

  • avarice

    excessive greed~~ Avarice has been the downfall of many an enterprising gentleman. Take note and hide yourself.

  • avenge

    to seek revenge~~ Taking justice into your own hands is probably a notion fed by the impulse to avenge, not the impulse to do the right thing.

  • aversion

    a particular dislike for something~~ Being a product of the South, I have a natural aversion to anything that’s anti-sports!

  • balk

    to stop, block abruptly~~ Because I took his comment the wrong way, I just balked at everything else he said.

  • ballad

    a love song~~ I wrote a ballad for the love of my life; however, the love of my life wrote one for someone else!

  • banal

    dull, commonplace~~ The presentations lacked originality and spark; thus, they all struck me as banal.

  • bane

    a burden~~ That moron seated behind me has been the absolute bane of my existence since grade school.

  • bard

    a poet, or a singer~~ William Shakespeare is often hailed the greatest bard of all time.

  • bashful

    shy, excessively timid~~ Jerry was so bashful, he didn’t even answer the beautiful girl when she asked him to go to the prom with her!

  • battery

    a device that supplies power; b. (n.) assault, beating a.) Battery powered cars will be all the rage somewhere in the future.~~ Assault and battery is a felony, not just a misdemeanor.

  • beguile

    to trick, deceive~~ The Devil beguiled Eve and she ate of the forbidden fruit.

  • behemoth

    large creature; something of tremendous power or size~~ The behemoths were rolled into place using two tractors and an earthmover.

  • benevolent

    marked by goodness or doing good~~ All public servants should be commended for their benevolent acts for the community.

  • benign

    favorable, not threatening, mild~~ When the doctor said, “It’s benign, Mr. Jackson,” I almost cried aloud.

  • bequeath

    to pass on in a will, give or donate legally~~ Matthew’s father bequeathed all of his incredible wealth to him and his little brother.

  • berate

    to scold vehemently~~ The aggravated policeman berated the ill-tempered driver for using profane language in front of a youngster..

  • bereft

    devoid of, without~~ An entire village was bereft of food and medical supplies after the tsunami.

  • beseech

    to beg, plead, implore~~ The medical community spoke with one voice as it beseeched the country to stop smoking.

  • bias

    a tendency, inclination, prejudice~~ The judge’s bias against drunk drivers caused him to step aside and allow one of his colleagues to preside in the matter.

  • bilk

    cheat, defraud~~ The salesman bilked several of his prospects out of thousands of dollars in down payments.

  • blandish

    to coax by using flattery~~ Blandishing under-aged teens into taking an alcoholic drink is illegal in most states, but should be illegal in all.

  • blemish

    an imperfection, flaw~~ Because of a single blemish on my driving record, my rates are being doubled.

  • blight

    a plague, disease; b. (n.) a scar or mark of discoloration a.) The potato blight destroyed the livelihood of many families in Ireland.~~ b.) His attitude was an ugly blight upon his daughter’s wedding day.

  • boisterous

    loud and full of energy~~ The cheerleaders were incredibly boisterous during the pep rally last night.

  • bombastic

    excessively confident, pompous~~ The entertainer’s bombastic comments caused the audience to boo and hiss.

  • boon

    a gift or blessing~~ The bad weather has erased the boon in business that the income tax refunds fueled.

  • bourgeois

    an upper middle-class person, a successful capitalist~~ The bourgeois clients of Hampton Province would not wear off-the-rack items.

  • brazen

    excessively bold, brash~~ The invaders brazen attack took the fort by surprise; no one survived.

  • brusque

    short, abrupt, dismissive~~ The bushman’s brusque manners offended the hostess to no end.

  • buffet

    to strike with force; b. (n.) arrangement of food on a table a.)~~ I love to eat buffet style; the all-you-can-eat expectation suits me to a tee.

  • burnish

    to polish, shine~~ Good swordsmen burnish their blades after every bloody use.

  • buttress

    to support, hold up; b. (n.) something that offers support a.) The column was reinforced so that it could buttress the roof of the building.~~ b.) A solid granite buttress supports the entire structure with no help needed.

  • cacophony

    tremendous noise, disharmonious sound~~ The amateur orchestra created a deafening cacophony during their warm-ups.

  • cadence

    a rhythm, progression of sound~~ The throbbing cadence that the soldiers marched made them seem even more fierce.

  • cajole

    to urge, coax~~ Frank tried to cajole his buddy to skip school with him on his birthday.

  • calamity

    an event with disastrous consequences~~ Hurricane Francis created a calamity that is still impacting thousands and thousands.

  • calibrate

    to set, standardize~~ I attempted to calibrate my car’s computer timing system, but failed.

  • callous

    harsh, cold, unfeeling~~ Callous treatment of prisoners is not something that our government condones.

  • calumny

    an attempt to spoil someone else’s reputation by spreading lies~~ Calumny is a close-to-perfect synonym for the word of slander.

  • camaraderie

    brotherhood, partnership, jovial unity~~ Camaraderie among teammates is usually a result of joint suffering and survival.

  • candor

    honesty, frankness~~ Brenda’s candor was a shock to all who heard her speak so freely of theretofore never broached subjects.

  • canny

    shrewd, careful~~ The canny spy gathered all the proof he needed without ever being detected.

  • canvas

    a piece of cloth for an artist to paint; b. (v.) to cover, inspect~~ a.) With the canvas in place, the artistic prodigy began to create a wonder.

  • capacious

    very spacious~~ The work room has finally been expanded; it’s now capacious enough for our guests.

  • capitulate

    to surrender~~ The enemy country capitulated in full after the second bomb fell on another city.

  • capricious

    subject to whim, fickle~~ Impatient people often make capricious decisions under the least pressure.

  • captivate

    to get the attention of, hold~~ The Fourth of July display captivated the children with its colorful bursts.

  • carouse

    to party, celebrate~~ The Navy seamen caroused all night after arriving at their first port of call.

  • carp

    to annoy, pester~~ The man finally chastised his daughter after enduring her carping for hours.

  • catalog

    to list, enter onto a list; b. (n.) a list or collection~~ a.) The prosecutor cataloged the victim’s injuries then made an impassioned plea to the members of the jury.

  • catalyze

    to charge, inspire~~ The king’s speech catalyzed his warriors and prepared them to face a deadly foe.

  • caucus

    a meeting usually held by people working toward the same goal~~ The union representatives are having a caucus with the team owners about retirement compensation for players.

  • caustic

    bitter, biting, acidic~~ The defendant’s caustic threats to the jury really sealed his fate.

  • cavort

    to leap about, behave boisterously~~ The couple, after several glasses of wedding cheer, cavorted about like silly children.

  • censure

    harsh criticism; b. (v.) to rebuke formally~~ a.) The censure from the officer really shook the unlicensed teen driver.

  • cerebral

    related to the intellect~~ The library’s shelves are stacked with cerebral selections on philosophy, religion, etc.

  • chaos

    absolute disorder~~ When the announcement was made, utter chaos broke out in the hallways.

  • chastise

    to criticize severely~~ After a severe chastisement by her parents Sue decided to never lie to anyone else ever again.

  • cherish

    to feel or show deep affection toward something~~ I cherish those things that are dear to me and that will never leave me.

  • chide

    to voice disapproval~~ Candice chided her twins for keeping their room is such disarray.

  • choreography

    the arrangement of dances~~ The choreography was superb; only the dancers with sublime skill were allowed to perform it.

  • chronicle

    a written history; b. (v.) to write a detailed history a.) The chronicle of the Vietnam War is available with graphic footage.~~ Attempting to chronicle an average month in his classroom is a daunting chore.