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Prasal verbs 2

Prasal verbs 2

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phrasal verbs part 2

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  • I couldn't understand what he WAS ON ABOUT- it made no sense.

    Mean, try to say.

  • He keeps BARGING IN and asking stupid questions when I'm trying to work.

    Enter a place and interrupt.

  • I told the kids to BELT UP before I started the car.

    Fasten your seatbelt.

  • She spotted him on the other side of the room and BORE DOWN ON him.

    Move towards.

  • The show IS ON for the next three months.

    Take place.

  • He BALLSED the presentation UP.

    Spoil, ruin.

  • Time's UP, please finish your drinks and leave.

    When the time for something finishes or expires.

  • Their ideas BELONG TO the nineteenth century and seem old-fashioned now.

    Be connected to a time, place, belief, thing, etc.

  • He's not UP TO the job; get someone else.

    Be good enough.

  • She's not CUT OUT FOR this kind of work.

    Be suitable, have the necessary qualities.

  • He was BAILED UP by a couple of muggers as he came out of the bank.

    Rob someone at gunpoint.

  • Everybody BAILED OUT ON him when the scandal broke.

    Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble.

  • They BARGED INTO my office without knocking and started talking even though I was on the phone.

    Enter a place and interrupt people rudely.

  • The computer IS ON.

    Be functioning (of machines).

  • Please BEAR WITH me a moment while I finish this email.

    Be patient.

  • I managed to BEAT him DOWN to fifty Euros.

    Get someone to lower the price of something.

  • I can hear him BANGING ABOUT upstairs.

    Move in a place making a lot of noise.

  • The marathon runner barely BEAT OUT his rival at the tape.

    Narrowly win in competition.

  • He BALLED UP his napkin when he had finished eating.

    Roll or form into a round shape.

  • ARE you UP FOR the climb of Mt. Blanc?

    Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event.

  • I BEDDED the plants OUT when the weather warmed up.

    Move a plant outside.

  • He's being very careful because he thinks the police ARE ONTO him.

    Pursue, be aware of someone's true nature.

  • The firm's profits ARE DOWN by ten percent this quarter.

    Be reduced or less.

  • The judge BANGED him UP for eight years.

    Put someone in prison.

  • He BANGED his car UP last night.

    Damage badly.

  • The company's profits ARE UP by fifteen percent.

    Have increased or risen.

  • We're OUT OF coffee so I'll have to go and get some.

    Have no more left.

  • I WAS TAKEN ABACK when I saw him because he's lost all his hair.

    Be shocked or surprised.

  • The company BEEFED UP their case when they saw that the public wouldn't accept their first explanation of the accident.

    Make something stronger or more solid.

  • He's BANGING ABOUT in the kitchen.

    Move in a place making a lot of noise.

  • The pilot BAILED OUT when he saw that the engines had failed.

    Jump out of a plane because it is going to crash.

  • I'm BANKING ON your help; I can't do it alone.

    Count or rely on.

  • I'm OFF home; it's five o'clock.

    Depart, leave.

  • I hadn't BARGAINED ON him coming.

    Expect something to happen (usually negative).

  • We're completely SNOWED UNDER at work because it's the end of the tax year.

    Have too much work.

  • She IS OUT TO get him sacked because she hates him.


  • He's BEARING UP UNDER the pressure.

    Cope with something difficult or stressful.

  • Statistics BEAR OUT the government's positions on the issue.

    Confirm that something is correct.

  • The government had to BAIL OUT the airline because it was losing so much money.

    Save, rescue.

  • She BANGED the tune OUT on the piano.

    Play a musical instrument loudly.

  • The way he's behaving IS just NOT ON.

    Be unacceptable.

  • The mugger BEAT him UP and stole his wallet.

    Attack violently.

  • The new project has BALLED me UP- I have no idea what to do.

    Confuse or make things complicated.

  • The judge's character may well BEAR ON the final decision.

    Influence, affect.

  • She BAWLED me OUT for coming home drunk.

    Scold, shout at someone.

  • What are those kids UP TO?

    Doing something naughty or wrong.

  • She told the students to BELT UP because they were making so much noise.

    Be quiet.

  • They BASHED him UP in the fight in the pub last week and he had to go to hospital.

    Break, damage or hurt by hitting.

  • He prefers to BACK his car INTO the garage.

    Enter a parking area in reverse gear.

  • Gul is DOWN WITH some bug and is off work today.

    Be ill.

  • She IS OUT on a visit for the day.

    Be absent from a place.

  • I have to BEAVER AWAY AT it or else I will fail the course.

    Work hard doing something.

  • The next bus should BE ALONG in the next quarter of an hour or so.


  • She BAWLED Raj OUT for getting there late.


  • I must BAIL my drunken brother OUT OF jail.

    Pay a bond to release someone from jail.

  • The boat was leaking so they had to BAIL it OUT.

    Remove water from something that is flooded.

  • I WAS very TAKEN WITH the performance- it was superb.

    Like something.

  • Susan was the only one who WASN'T IN ON the plan.

    Be involved in.

  • He IS ON anti-depressants and has become very difficult to please.

    Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly.

  • The sun WAS really BEATING DOWN and we couldn't stay outdoors.

    Strong sunshine.

  • If you BASH your monitor ABOUT like that, it won't last long.

    Mistreat physically.

  • She BACKED the Rolls OUT OF its parking space.

    Exit a parking area in reverse gear.

  • She's not UP yet.

    Be out of bed.

  • She's AWAY on business for three weeks.

    Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc..

  • The application form must BE IN by 3pm on Friday.

    Be submitted, arrive.

  • She refused to BACK DOWN and was fired.

    Retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument.

  • I was late because he BAILED me UP on the phone and wouldn't shut up.

    Talk to someone and delay them.

  • She's BEAVERING AWAY before her exams.

    Work hard.

  • You should always BACK UP important files and documents so that you won't lose all your work if something goes wrong with the hardware.

    Make a copy of computer data.

  • Don't bag out BAG OUT Australian English.


  • He BELONGS TO a secret society.

    Be a member.

  • I BARGAINED her DOWN to half what she originally wanted.

    Persuade someone to drop the price of something they're selling.

  • How are you BEARING UP under the strain?

    Resist pressure.

  • They ARE never IN; I always get their answerphone.

    Be at home or at work.

  • She BACKED OUT OF the agreement at the last minute.

    Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement.

  • The new government has found it hard to BED DOWN and become accepted.

    Become established or successful over time.

  • The crowd BACKED AWAY when the man pulled a knife.

    Retreat or go backwards.

  • Does this disc BELONG WITH those on the shelf?

    Be in the correct or appropriate location with other items.

  • He BANGED ON for half an hour but no one was listening.

    Talk at great length.

  • He BAWLED OUT our names at the top of his voice.

    Sing or shout unpleasantly loudly.

  • They BELTED OUT the national anthems before the game.

    Sing something loudly.

  • Tom BACKED UP without looking and ran over his laptop.

    Drive a vehicle backwards.

  • I BASHED the essay OUT the night before I had to hand it in.

    Write something quickly without much preparation.

  • He's always BANGING ON ABOUT football.

    Keep talking about something.

  • The burglars BASHED the door IN to enter the house.

    Break, damage or injure by hitting.

  • The police told the protesters to BACK OFF.


  • He IS really ON right now- three goals in five minutes!

    Be at the top of one’s game, performing very well.

  • He's BEEN DOWN since his partner left him.

    Be depressed.

  • I AM FED UP of his complaints.

    Be bored, upset or sick of something.

  • She was very CUT UP about coming second as she thought she deserved to win.

    Be upset.

  • The rest of the staff BACKED her UP when she complained about working conditions.


  • I hadn't BARGAINED FOR so many people coming.

    Expect something to happen (usually negative).

  • We had to BED DOWN on the floor for the night.

    Sleep somewhere less comfortable than normal.

  • The police ARE AFTER him because of the theft.

    Try to find or get.

  • After the argument, James is DOWN ON his boss.

    Have negative feelings toward someone.

  • This yoghurt must BE OFF; it smells foul.

    Be bad (of food).

  • He BACKED OUT two days before the holiday so we gave the ticket to his sister

    Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.