• Felix Nienst├Ądt

    Although his education led him to study architecture and engineering, Felix honed his entrepreneurship and programming skills much earlier in life when he installed ethernet for his boarding school.

  • Simon Smend

    After finishing his Economics degree, Simon founded Epictor and worked at Rocket Internet. He has lived in Ghana, Bangladesh, Ireland and France. If you ever want to do him a favor, ask him to travel.

  • Jan Sroka
    CFO & Analytics Cruncher

    Jan specialized in risk, compliance and analytics after getting his Computer Science degree and went on to work as a manager at Big 4. Aside from collecting antiques, he's an avid quantified self enthusiast.

  • Christian Ruppert
    Head of Android

    As Master of the Android Universe Christian is the chief bug exterminator, lead developer and overall voice of reason. When not coding (which seems not to be that often) you can find him on one of the many music festivals in Europe.